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Pitch Slam

Are you ready? At the Writer’s Digest Annual Conference Pitch Slam, you’ll be able to choose from more than 50 literary agents and editors who are actively searching for the next big thing across all genres—including fiction, nonfiction, children’s, young adult and more. Advocate for your book in a high-energy environment, and you might just become another Pitch Slam success story.

We’ve already confirmed agents from the following agencies, and will be adding more in the next few weeks:
  • Andrea Hurst Literary Management
  • Corvisiero Literary Agency
  • DeFiore & Company
  • Diana Finch Literary Agency
  • Donald Maass Literary
  • Emma Sweeney Agency
  • FinePrint Literary Management
  • Folio Literary Management
  • Jennifer De Chiara Literary Agency
  • L. Perkins Agency
  • LCS Literary Services
  • LKG Literary
  • P.S. Literary Agency
  • Stonesong Literary
  • Corvisiero Literary Agency
  • Rita Rosenkranz Literary Agency
  • Sarah Jane Freymann Literary Agency
  • The Stringer Agency
  • Talcott Notch Literary Services
  • Triada US
  • Writers House Literary Agency
  • Zimmerman Literary Agency
If you’ve decided this is the year for you and your book to take the next big step, don’t hesitate. Finalize your 2019 registration today and lock in your Pitch Slam slot.

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PS: Not familiar with the Pitch Slam? Learn more about how it works.

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It takes courage and commitment; a supportive community helps, too.


Breaking Vases author and Self-Published Book Awards Winner Dima Ghawi talks about finding the strength to tell her personal story—and how she wrote and produced the book while also building her new leadership training and executive coaching business after leaving her day job at IBM.

After the positive reception of my TEDx Talk, I received many invitations from conferences and organizations asking me to speak to their employees. These requests were impossible to balance in addition to my leadership role at IBM. At that time, I didn’t have the courage to resign from my position, but something urged me to have faith in my ideas and embark on a new adventure.

So, after resisting for a year and a half, I left my job to build my business and write Breaking Vases. Now I am an international keynote speaker, a leadership trainer, and an executive coach. I initially debated whether or not I should get my company off the ground first or write Breaking Vases first. Staying ever true to my adventurous and zealous character, I decided “Why not both!” So I built my business during the day and wrote Breaking Vases late into the night and on weekends.

Sure, I had no life. Every free moment I had was spent at home with my door locked working on Breaking Vases, but it was exactly what I needed in order to pour all of my heart and energy into the book. I liken the end of the process to being in labor. I don’t have children, but I thought, “I’m sure this is close to what it feels like: so painful, and yet so joyful.” Then Breaking Vases was born, and I still remember the first time I held the first copy in my hands. I felt like a new proud mother. Now, I can clearly see how the messages of transformation, empowerment, and self-discovery, have intertwined into my business.

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The Writer's Digest Annual Conference program covers the fundamentals of craft and the business of being a writer—from traditional and self-publishing paths, promotion and marketing strategies, and managing a sustainable career.

Whether you're a novelist, journalist, memoirist, or screenwriter, you'll find an insightful and educational mix of sessions covering the business side of being a writer, from writers who know the business of writing.
We’re excited to bring the Writer’s Digest Annual Conference back to New York City this summer—August 22–25, 2019—and we’d love to have you join us.

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The schedule for the Writer's Digest Annual Conference is now live!

Taking place in New York City the weekend of August 22–25, you can customize the writing weekend of your dreams by mixing and matching sessions across five different tracks of instruction covering the craft of fiction, nonfiction, and screenwriting; the business of publishing; and managing your writing career.


Former WD Editor-in-Chief—and successful author of the book club favorites Almost Missed You, Not That I Could Tell, Forget You Know MeJessica Strawser distills a decade of collected wisdom into the all-time best insights into the creative process, the writing life, the craft of writing and the business of publishing.

Fight Write author Carla Hoch will teach you what to consider before writing a fight scene, including how a character’s reason for fighting impacts the style, speed and severity of the fight, and how the location is more important than who is fighting.

Electric Literature contributing editor Jennifer Baker will demystify what editors can (and can’t) help writers with in the exploration and the publication of their nonfiction work, including examples of the editorial process from pitch to revision.

WD Senior Editor and screenwriter Jeanne Villette Bowerman covers how to cut down a full-size novel into a two-hour story as well as discuss Hollywood’s take on intellectual property.

Kilby Blades—indie author and social media marketing columnist for the RWA Romance Writer’s Report—will help you identify your author brand’s strengths and weaknesses, choose tactics that align with your career trajectory, and teach you how to analyze, and optimize, your marketing results.

Look for even more sessions and speakers to be announced in the coming weeks, but lock in your best price TODAY—discounted hotel rooms are first come, first served.

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They answered the phone. What’s next?

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kauai writers conference

Jess Zafarris
As the summer blockbuster season officially kicks off this weekend, Barri Evins shares screenwriting secrets every novelist should steal to improve their craft, including the power of outlining. Plus, we have tips on getting started, having courage and overcoming shame, getting the most out of a writing conference, and a telephone-inspired prompt. Happy writing! —Guy LeCharles Gonzalez
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Screenwriting relies heavily on structure to keep an audience engaged from start to finish. Scripts have only a few pages to draw a reader into the world and make them eager to follow the hero on their journey. Then they have about 100 more pages to take them on an entertaining, engaging, escalating, suspenseful, surprising, fresh, visceral, meaningful ride with a tightly crafted narrative. Tall order indeed.

Aspiring writers are keen students of centuries-old dramatic structure, dating back to Aristotle. They are constantly advised to plan their stories in detail before they begin to write. In fact, in my ScriptMag column and my blog, I frequently beseech writers to outline before they begin to write.

Outlining creates a roadmap for your story. It also allows you to explore and experiment while your story is still in an early form to create the best possible version. And it is far easier to rework a few pages than to rip apart a completed work in an effort to elevate it to the next level. Outlining is a great tool for novelists. It can help make your first draft closer to your finished draft. But the highest purpose of outlining is not merely to chart the path from “Once upon a time” to “Happily ever after.” Read More...




No matter the genre, editing is essential. Author Audrey Wick and editor Julie Sturgeon give readers a behind-the-scenes peek at the process of editing the first chapter of a manuscript.  Read More...

"I had no story idea, nothing burning I wanted to say. I wasn’t even particularly in love with fiction at that time. I just wanted to make something." William Kenower explains why all writing is an act of courage   Read More...

Journalist-turned-writing coach Greta Solomon explains that writer’s block can come from factors such as the fear that your draft won’t live up to your expectations, and offers an exercise to help stop this creative drain.  Read More...

You’ve decided to go to a writers’ conference. You’ve paid the registration fee and booked your travel. Now, how do you make the most out of the three days dedicated to furthering your career? Christine Conradt has 12 useful tips.  Learn More...

The person whom you or your character has been trying to talk to for ages finally answers the phone... Cassie Lipp's latest prompt asks:  what happens next?

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