Monday, 30 June 2014

Yorkshire Wartime Experience Weekend 4-6 July 2014

This weekend marks the start of the Yorkshire Wartime Experience, a fabulous annual event featuring vintage vehicles such as tanks and ambulances from the World Wars, 'battle' re-enactments and entertainment from vehicle parades to stalls.

The Friday is for school parties only, but the Saturday and Sunday, everyone is welcome.  With tickets at £8 and adult and £5 for children and concessions (a family ticket of two adults and two children is £23), it is an excellent day out for both young and old.

Last year we were blessed with scorching weather and the people that were lucky enough to be camping, came away with a tan as well as lots of memories.

As a flavour for the re-enactments, please see below some of the fabulous pictures I took from the event last year:

For full details of the event, check out their Facebook page: or the website at:

Hope to see you there.


Sunday, 29 June 2014

Media City UK newsletter

Here is the latest newsletter from Media City, that I thought my followers would be interested in seeing:

News from the City
News from the City
News from the City
News from the City

June 2014

Flix Flick The Switch On Expansion Plans

Manchester’s oldest post production company Flix Facilities, has announced exciting £1 million expansion plans that will add to its existing significant facilities by building bespoke ultra-high end finishing suites and theatres across 5,500 sq ft on the seventh floor of MediaCityUK’s White Tower.

Govtoday Expands Within MediaCityUK

Digital media and event conferencing company Govtoday has almost doubled its presence within MediaCityUK by relocating from The Landing to the third floor of the White Tower.

Salford Student Sings for Success

A student singer at Salford City College’s FutureSkills centre at MediaCityUK has started on the road of musical success by releasing his very own music single, with the help of his college tutors.

Award-Winning Athena Media Expands From Ireland To MediaCityUK

To mark the 10 years since its launch, transmedia production company and consultancy, Athena Media, has expanded from its Dublin base to open its first UK office at The Greenhouse in MediaCityUK.

Malcolm Collett

Great to see charging points @MediaCityUK. I hope more will be made available soon!

TSB Press

We’re @MediaCityUK to welcome the winners of the Digital & Creative Launchpad for today’s showcase event. Time to get pitching. #TSBLaunchpad

Helen Shaw

@UoSMediaCity delighted to be hosting our first #digitalmediabusiness @MediaCityUK with you on July 11th


Schools of Arts & Media

Tech guys crafting away in our workshop for #CreateSalford Cube. Shaping up nicely, ready for the @MediaCityUK piazza

More from MediaCityUK

Whats on

Lowry’s Waterside Market - 12 – 13 July

Wimbledon Championships 2014 - 23 June – 6 July

Digital Content and Social Media Strategy

I am
I am a Sound Stage Manager

Jessica Hough is based  in MediaCityUK’s original studio The Pie Factory where some of the UK’s most iconic TV shows have been filmed including Dragons' Den.
What does your job entail?
I ensure that the production teams have everything  they need to bring their production to life.
Who would play you in a movie about your life?
Any female who is as bonkers as me! And that’s a pretty tough one to match.
What have been some of the highlights for you at MediaCityUK?
I arrived at MediaCityUK when it was still rising from the foundations...

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Script newsletter

Here is the latest Script newsletter that I thought my followers would be interested in:

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June  2014
Letter from the Editor
Jeanne Veillette Bowerman
Online Editor

See what's new on this week, including advice on writing great endings, outlining, pitching and more! Check out our full list of contributors and follow them on Twitter too.

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Now get reading and get writing!

Jeanne Bowerman
ScriptMag Editor

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Behind the Lines with DR: Down 'n' Outlines
Outlines aren't a very good vessel for details," Doug Richardson explained. "The more details you put in, the greater and more profound the absence of detail becomes."
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The Selling Your Screenplay Podcast: An Interview with Director/Producer Jennifer Steinman
In this episode of The Selling Your Screenplay Podcast I interview director / producer Jennifer Steinman who recently completed her second feature film, Desert Runners. Jennifer was involved in the entire film making process. In the interview we talk about every step of getting the film made, from raising money all the way through to distribution.
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Why Spec Scripts Fail: Failure To Do Your Homework-Part 2
Spec scripts are completely different than production scripts. Production scripts are what you can find for free or for sale on the internet.
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Breaking & Entering: Tortoise and Hare a Tale of Two Screenwriters
What kind of screenwriter are you? When it comes to winning the race to succeed, you can learn from the Tortoise and the Hare, a tale of two screenwriters.
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What Do Executives Want in Your First 10 Pages?
Get inside an executive's head in our Q&A with the pros participating in our Executive One-on-One: First 10 Pages Bootcamp. At the bootcamp, you'll be working directly with an executive, who will provide feedback specific to your work. Plus, your executive may ask for additional pages if the initial submission shows serious promise.
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Get Your FREE How to Write a Synopsis Download with Sample Synopsis
Download How to Write a Synopsis to get a synopsis example as well as detailed tips for writing a synopsis for your novel, screenplay or one sheet.
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Going to a Pitching Event? Get Our FREE Pitchfest Checklist Download!
Many writers are leery of pitching events, worried they are merely a way for companies to take advantage of vulnerable writers. Pitchfests have an outstanding value for writers. But being prepared before you go is the key to your success. Learn 7 Reasons Why Pitchfests are Beneficial and get your FREE Pitchfest Checklist so you are prepared for success!
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Screenwriting Webinars

Writers on the Verge: The Deal Closer – Your Personal Narrative
While an original pilot or feature spec might put you in the room with execs, it's often the personal narrative that gets you the writing assignment.
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Storytelling Strategies: Edge of an Ending
Paul Gulino explores writing a great movie ending by analyzes ones that work and don't work, as well as offering tips to help you write a great one.
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5 Reasons Screenplay Story Structure is Important and FREE Story Structure Tips Download
Whether you write a story or a screenplay, it’s always advisable to work out the plot ahead of time so you can discover the best way of telling it to not only appease the reader, but also to engage your audience. Write a story that wins over your audience with our FREE story structure guidance from the experts.
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Director of The Signal William Eubank Explores the Conflict of Emotion Vs. Logic
William Eubank, director and co-writer (he shares credit with his brother, Carlyle, and friend, David Frigerio) of The Signal, takes an ambitious turn for his second feature film. Influenced by The Twilight Zone and wanting to explore the themes of logical versus the illogical, emotion versus intellect and technology versus the human condition, Eubank takes the audience on a frightening journey through the eyes of Nic (Brenton Thwaites), a college kid with a form of muscular dystrophy. Nic, along with his friend Jonah (Beau Knapp) and girlfriend Haley (Olivia Cooke), take one wrong turn that changes all their lives forever.
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Interview with Marlo Bernier, Creator of New TV Series "Myrna"
Rebecca Norris interviews Marlo Bernier, creator of the new dramedy "Myrna", based on her own life experience transitioning gender from male to female.
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Sci-Fi Circuit: Insights from ‘The Machine’ – Near Future Sci-Fi Grounded in the Real World
Sci-Fi Circuit columnist and screenwriter Jenna Avery interviews writer-director Caradog James about his near-future sci-fi feature, The Machine.
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Create realistic and compelling characters!
Time is Running Out! Was $74.99 | Now $49.99
Improvising Screenplays: Writer’s Block: What to Do When You’re Stuck in Your Script
Writer and theatrical improviser Brett Wean shares how the art of improv can help screenwriters overcome writer's block.
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Four Weeks to Your Sitcom Pilot
Until a writer can put together a group of people that audiences cannot wait to be with every episode, there is no sitcom. And that’s where it all begins. Starting with a joke is like starting a drama with a message. Character is the key that allows the creator to deserve jokes or messages. This workshop will consist of four one-week sessions. Each session with include an online lecture, along with various viewing and reading assignments, links to classic TV comedies online or from other sources and a writing assignment that will be submitted to the instructor for review and detailed response. Students will be encouraged to post work for group review and feedback, since the ‘room’ or ‘table’ is a highly significant element in the professional world of creating television comedy. Interaction benefits comedic creation and fine tuning in almost every instance. In the real world of TV production, creative group sessions can be both daunting and invaluable to the finished product. This class will attempt to replicate that experience. And you will finish the workshop with a complete draft of a 30 minute sitcom script.
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Learn How to Create Dynamic Characters Actors Want to Play With Our FREE Webinar!
To increase your odds of getting produced, you need to attract top talent who will put an audience in the seats. Creating characters that actors want to play is a must. In our FREE Creating Dynamic Characters Webinar, you’ll learn how to create and develop characters from screenwriter and Editor of Script Magazine, Jeanne Veillette Bowerman.
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