Thursday, 15 March 2018

Writer's Relief newsletter

Here is the latest Writer's Relief newsletter for my followers to peruse:

March 12, 2018
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Critique tips that work for your writing.
Plus: The hot new market for novellas
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Quote of the Week
For most of history, Anonymous was a woman.
― Virginia Woolf
Here's What A Little Birdie Told Us
The best grammar tips, writing advice, and submission strategies every day!
Writer’s Relief Celebrates 24 Years On
March 15
Since March 15, 1994, Writer’s Relief has been helping writers achieve their publishing goals.
We have 18,059 reasons to be doing our happy dance—that’s how many acceptances our clients have received over the past 24 years!
We’re also celebrating:
  • In just the last 12 months, our clients received 893 acceptances in 286 different markets
  • In 2017 our clients received 73 Pushcart Prize nominations
  • We’re  one of the 100 best sites for writers…again!
So grab a slice of virtual birthday cake (no calories!) and celebrate with us!
When your writing is critiqued, should you immediately rewrite your work?
Or simply toss out the advice you don’t agree with?
Here are the critique tips every writer needs to know!
Just when you think you have the Internet all figured out—everything changes.
Are you taking full advantage of the new opportunities available to help your author website engage your audience?
Check out these quick, easy strategies for boosting your website traffic!
Guess what? There’s a HUGE market for novellas—if you know where to look and how to reach it.
Here’s what our experts suggest.
March is National Women’s History Month!
Whether you like fiction or nonfiction, traditional or offbeat formats, you’ll find all that and more on this must-read list of great books by women authors.
Carys Wears The Writer Hat, We Wear All The Others!
Dear Ronnie,
I’d like to thank you and the Writer’s Relief team for the work you have all done on my behalf over the past five months. Of the four short stories you have sent out for me, three are now being published.
Thank you for being all the things I am not—organized, effective, and knowledgeable about the fiction market.
With best wishes,
Carys D., Writer
More Articles: Celebrating Women’s History Month
Too busy to search every nook and cranny on the Internet to find places to submit your work?
Good thing we’re not! (In fact, it’s what we love to do!)
Here are just a few of the many publishing leads in our Writers Classifieds! Subscribe now!
Steam Ticket
Stops Reading: 3/15/2018
Type: Poetry (5 MAX), Prose (4,000 words MAX)
Admin Fee? No
Categories: Essays, Poems, Short Stories
Wergle Flomp Humor Poetry Contest
Stops Reading: 4/1/2018
Entry Fee: None
First Prize: $1,000
Winning Entry Published? Yes
Title Count: One poem, up to 250 lines.
Theme: Humor
Trio House Press Book Awards
Stops Reading: 4/30/2018
Contest Judge: Sun Yung Shin
Entry Fee: $25
First Prize: $1,000
Winning Entry Published? Yes
Page Count Limit: 48-70 pages
Poetry Book Type: Full Manuscript
Eligibility Limits: Open to poets with less than two books published.
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