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Robert McKee Seminars

With details of upcoming seminars and a review of I, Tonya and Molly's Game:

"We often put off doing something for as long as possible, then as we finally make the decision and step into the action, we're surprised by its relative ease. We're left to wonder why we dreaded it."
Robert McKee
Hello McKee Tribe,
As writers, it's easy to fear rejection, forgetting it accounts for so much of our profession. But now is the time to take action.
We are proud to partner with Scriptapalooza for this great writing competition. Step into the action. Write the truth. Be fearless.
Good luck!
The McKee Team
Write the Truth

Don't miss the only LA and NYC seminars this year.

Robert McKee Returns to the US and UK in Spring 2018
"'Good story' means something worth telling that the world wants to hear. Finding this is your lonely task...But the love of a good story, of terrific characters and a world driven by your passion, courage, and creative gifts is still not enough.
Your goal must be a good story well told."
If you're a writer and haven't attended a McKee seminar, right now could be a defining moment in your professional career. Get mentored by the last-standing great storytelling teacher of our time and give your passion a spine.


In March 2018, McKee is back by popular demand, returning to LA (March 23-25) with his essential STORY Seminar.
Tickets are already limited, so please book soon to avoid missing out!


In April, McKee brings the STORY Seminar to the state of art lecture hall, Loreto Theater, at Sheen Center for Thought and Culture NYC (April 12-14).
This is the only STORY Seminar in NYC this year. Don't miss it.
McKee also delivers a deep dive into the codes and conventions of longform storytelling in the sought-after TV Day (April 15).

Following the recent announcement of Robert McKee's International Screenwriting Scholarship with Regent's University, McKee brings the STORY Seminar to London (May 17-19).
Writers also have the unique opportunity to master the genre McKee calls "the angry art" at his Comedy Genre Day (May 20).

Pre-order STORYNOMICS on Amazon and receive a $50 discount on a seat at the STORY Seminar in LA, NYC, or London this Spring! *
* Email with proof of your Amazon pre-order to claim your discount. Offer applies to new registrations only and cannot be combined with any other seminar discount. Valid through March 19, 2018.

Year after year, McKee Alumni are recognised
as the best artists in the business.
With over 65 Oscars, 250 Emmys, 60 DGA and 150 WGA wins between them, the growing collective of successful STORY attendees is becoming a Who's Who of the filmmaking world. Peter Jackson, the Pixar Team and John Cleese all find themselves among this growing collective of industry masters.
Take advantage of a lifetime of narrative insight and master the principles of story form with the teacher Hollywood legend Quincy Jones calls "the Aristotle of our time."

What others are saying about McKee Seminars:
"His great insight into storytelling is unparalleled
and his knowledge vast."
"The Universal Master."
"McKee is a tireless, passionate advocate of Story arts. I wish I had taken his seminar before I started writing 'CUT TO' for a living."
BAFTA & Academy Award-Winner

Take the Next Step in Your Writing Career.
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McKee's Works / Doesn't Work Film Review
The inciting incident opens the telling by radically upsetting the protagonist's life. For better or worse, sooner or later, balance must be restored, so out there in the future climatic turning points wait to happen. These events reach back to us, as it were, grip our curiosity and sweep us through time toward an unknown yet to come.
In the classic Thriller, for example, the magnetism of no less than three massive question marks pull us toward the future: (1) Who is the criminal? (2) How will he be caught? (3) How will he be punished?
Sometimes, however, a writer uses the opposite technique and calls on the power of the past to push the storytelling forward through time...

Don't miss these upcoming McKee Seminars!

In March 2018, McKee is back by popular demand, returning to LA (March 23-25) with his essential STORY Seminar.
With the seminar 4 weeks away, this year's only LA STORY is already showing signs of being sold out.

In April, McKee brings the STORY Seminar and sought-after TV GENRE Day to New York (April 12-15).
This is the only STORY Seminar in NYC this year. Don't miss it.

In May, McKee brings the legendary STORY Seminar and Comedy GENRE Day to London (May 17-20).

A study of exemplary stories pushed from the past.
I, TONYA / MOLLY'S GAME: They Work! (Spoiler Alert!)
Two Oscar-nominated biopics-cum-crime dramas start with their female protagonists busted for and presumably guilty of a crime. The storytelling then flashes back to their youth to dramatize their motivations, the hows and whys of life that ran both of them afoul of the FBI. { More uncanny coincidences: In real life both protagonists began as winter sports athletes (figure skating and freestyle skiing) with fierce disciplinarian parents and Olympic dreams. }
Screenwriter Steven Rogers starts the film as a documentary based on face-to-camera interviews, then turns it into a docudrama by casting actors as living people, and finally styles it as a mockumentary by adding spit-laugh mockery that laces his scenes with the high hysteria.
The film opens with its outcome, Tonya Harding (Margot Robbie), her skating career in ruins, talking to camera. The telling then flashes back to when she was three years old and plays out the two elements that push a story from the past: dramatic irony and underdog empathy.
MOLLY'S GAME also opens with an outcome: the FBI hauls Molly Bloom (Jessica Chastain) off in handcuffs. The telling then flashes back to her childhood and her father (Kevin Costner) coaching her to ski as if she were a jarhead and he, a Marine DI.
Once again, dramatic irony and instant underdog empathy: After a career ending accident destroys her athletic hopes, she decides to lead her life as a self-made woman in, of all possible venues, high stakes gambling. Now she must live by her wits in the testosterone reeking empire of gaming and gangsters. As a result, the audience stares into every scene, wondering how, why and what did she do in this dangerous male world that jammed her up with the law. Unlike the passive Tonya who reacts to other people's actions, Molly makes her own choices and these propel both her and the audience toward the future.

Don't Interrupt. Entertain™
Pre-order the highly anticipated STORYNOMICS book on Amazon and receive a $50 discount on a seat at any of the following Spring 2018 McKee seminars:
STORY in Los Angeles, New York, or London
STORYNOMICS in Los Angeles, Washington DC, New York, Moscow, Beijing

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'McKee's Works / Doesn't Work Review: Oscars Edition'

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