Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Cleckheaton Writers Group minutes

The Cleckheaton Writers Group meeting took place last night at Cleckheaton Library where Pauline, Andy, Kathy, Alice and I were in attendance, Sarah, Mandy, Arline and Neil having passed on their apologies.

There were no new members or minutes from the last meeting.

WIP updates - I have written some more on my YA fantasy WIP and have been editing my first novel, a MG fantasy, both of which I have pitched on Twitter #PitMad.  Andy has been working on some new writing, stories and poetry, Kathy has been travelling, Alice has been editing her WIP, getting the section she was working on down from 10k to 8.2k and bringing forward her 'call to action' and Pauline has taken a look at the first three chapters of a ghost story/romance she started which she may work on.

I reminded the group that CampNano starts in April and that I will be participating and hoping to get more chapters written for my romance WIP.  My NaNo name is YorkshireBelle and it was decided that Kathy, Alice and Pauline may join me in the 'camp' and any other writers are welcome to join us.

Following the creative writing workshop meeting on Friday morning that Alice and I attended, I shared my notes on 'giving constructive feedback' and mentioned that there is the possibility of a Leeds creative writing group starting at the WYPH on a Saturday morning (11-2pm).  Kathy, Alice and Pauline were interested in attending, so once I get confirmed details, I will pass them on.  The next CWG creative writing workshop will take place this Friday at Cleckheaton Library 10-12 in the Connections room for those who may wish to attend.

As no-one else wanted to share any work for feedback, I shared four chapters of my YA fantasy WIP which was well received.  There were a few things to edit and I discussed the arc of the story, but a couple of the members said that they would want to read it when it was finished.

Due to the Bank Holiday the next meeting of the Cleckheaton Writers Group will take place on Monday 9 April, where both feedback slots are available.

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