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Robert McKee & Final Draft Big Break Competition

The latest McKee seminars are coming up in April and May, plus the Final Draft Big Break Competition, full details below:

"Most writers, especially when they start out, are in fact mediocre at best."
They have convinced themselves they are much better than they are. They show their writing to a family member, who praises them enormously, and therefore ignore their own best judgement. Conversely, there are people who do the opposite - who write very well but are hyper-critical.
Somehow through self-inspection, the writer has to decide, "Am I selling myself a lie that I am better than I am? Or am I better than I think?", "Am I hyper critical or hyper aggrandizing?" Somewhere in the middle is reality.
Enthusiasm for your work must be based on something real.
Take the stories you've written to date and put them in chronological order. Choose the best scene from each work and compare them. Be honest with yourself and grade each scene out of ten. What you should see, as you scan the earliest work to the latest, in an increase in quality. Over time, in other words, your writing should be improving.
If your writing improves project after project, then no matter how many rejection letters pile up on your desk, you must keep writing without fear and with all the faith in the world.


Read an excerpt from Robert McKee's new book STORYNOMICS
The Marketing Crisis: How Marketers Can Use Story to Reinvent Business

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The Story Toolkit Podcast
#77: BRICK - Making an Original Choice
This episode sees host Bassim El-Wakil (co-author of ACTION: The Art of Excitement with Robert McKee) talk about Rian Johnson's wonderful independent film noir, BRICK, and how its originality stems from the choices he made.


Register soon to avoid missing out on NYC / London
In April, McKee brings the STORY Seminar and sought-after TV Day to NYC (April 12-15) to the state of art lecture hall, Loreto Theater at Sheen Center for Thought and Culture. This is the only STORY Seminar in NYC this year. Don't miss it!
In May, McKee returns to London (May 17-19) with the legendary STORY Seminar. Writers also have the unique opportunity to master the codes and conventions of "the Angry Art" at his Comedy Genre Day (May 20). Find out why Regent's University, London, instituted McKee International Screenwriter's Scholarship.

More From Robert McKee

The Art of Verbal Action
for the Page, Stage, and Screen

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"People on the outside think there's something magical about writing, that you go up in the attic at midnight and cast the bones and come down in the morning with a story, but it isn't like that. You sit in back of the typewriter and you work, and that's all there is to it."
Harlan Ellison

Nothing in our art is guaranteed. You'll get an agent, sell your work, and see it realized faithfully on screen when you write with surpassing quality... and not until.

We are proud to partner with Final Draft once more for their Big Break Competition. If you have a script of quality, now is your chance to have your hard work recognised.

Write the truth, and good luck!

The McKee Team
Write the Truth

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EARLY BIRD DEADLINE - ONE WEEK LEFT! Submit your script NOW and save up to $25!


EARLY BIRD DEADLINE - ONE WEEK LEFT! Submit your script NOW and save up to $25!

Greta Heinemann, whose script Anatomy of a Breakdown (formerly City Under Fire) won the 2017 Big Break Grand Prize (Feature), recently signed with Jeff Portnoy of Bellevue Productions!

Share over $80,000 in cash and prizes!

Regular Deadline: June 18, 2018 - $50 (Save up to $15)

The Feature Genre and TV Category finalists receive the Final Draft/New York Film Academy Fellowship in Writing for Film & Television. This hands-on 12-week program is designed to help finalists in both film and television categories improve their script and shop it to the industry.

The Grand Prize Winners will receive:

$10,000 cash prize for each winner

Roundtrip airfare to Los Angeles (unless winner resides in or around Los Angeles) – We bring you straight to where the industry deals are made

3–night luxury hotel stay in Los Angeles – Set up camp in this centrally located meeting spot to maximize networking during your L.A. stay

Breakfast in Beverly Hills with professional writer Pen Densham (Riding the Alligator, Moll Flanders, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves; Producer of Backdraft)

Coverage on your screenplay from professional readers

Lunch with Big Break judges from companies like Zero Gravity, Echo Lake and Circle of Confusion

Dinner with working screenwriters and producers

Apple iPad loaded with Final Draft Mobile software

PLUS prizes from Dave Trottier, InkTip, Jen Grisanti Consultancy, John Truby, Lee Jessup, Carole Kirschner of Park on the Lot, Script Pipeline's Writers Database and Secret Door Pitchfest, Robert McKee, Save the Cat!, Smart Girls Productions, Show Starter Scheduling & Budgeting Plus, StoryO, and more!

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