Sunday, 21 January 2018

Theatre in the Mill

With full details of the Spring/Summer 2018 programme for Theatre in the Mill:

Our new season for Spring Summer 2018 is now live!
Welcome to Theatre in the Mill,

I am proud to present my first programme of work here. This Spring/Summer season is the start of a new conversation that represents the breadth of ideas, thoughts and experiences that we think says something vital and necessary about the world we inhabit and the one we are set to inherit. This programme explores notions of identity, both individual and communal.

The radio broadcaster Ira Glass referred to the story as a machine for empathy which is the perfect way to describe the ethos and ambitions of Theatre in the Mill. There will be many opportunities to get involved and we will be piloting a number of new projects over the year including a live art kids week, regular breakfast clubs, comedy workshops and film Sundays. Visit our website or join our mailing list for regular updates, offers and the latest news.

Come find us and join in the conversation.
Rich Warburton
Artistic Director
‘Truth to Power CafĂ©’ continues its exploration into the power of free speech, and political activism as Bradford participants of all ages, beliefs, and backgrounds have five minutes to speak truth to power before a live audience.

To take part sign up here
Dhillan’s story is about a South Asian man, setting up a bar in Spain, having a mid-life crisis and finding resolution with his family and business through a series of calamities
A new artistic experience being developed by Duncan Speakman. The work takes you on a sonic walk through Bradford, combining the sound of your immediate surroundings with recordings of distant locations.
a different-every-night, shouting & reading show... stories, poems and black humour.
Saturday 16th June, 7.30pm

Using wireless headphones, binaural soundscapes, and a single female voice, Living Record Productions create a haunting and deeply intimate performance that asks whether we can ever let go of our smaller selves.
Rising star Sophie Willan presents her multi-award winning new show, Branded.
Join Common Wealth for a sharing of our week-long workshop on Radical Acts - a celebration of disobedient action that women have taken to make change throughout history and the present day.
Javaad Alipoor's Fringe First award-winning play envelops its audience in a digital realm, exploring the blurry and complex world of extremists, journalists and fantasists.
This is a first-time collaboration between choreographer and theatre-maker Pauline Mayers and filmmaker and photographer Jax Griffin. Using multi-disciplinary methods, this work-in-progress piece explores the dominant culture in the UK.
Saturday 23rd June, 7.30pm

As division brews in our countries and communities, (Dis)Place navigates a world in which walls are the norm and every citizen must return to their place of birth.
The experience will run throughout the month of March 1st -29th 2018.
Riptide presents a new form of storytelling with their theatrical experience The Lucky Ones.
Oil and Water is a performance about women, mental illness and religion; the beauty and absurdity of faith in the face of an illness. What happens when we suspend our disbelief?
A show about ‘men’ and ‘women’ and how we all relate to each other. Audiences listen on headphones to Hannah Ringham (co-founder of SHUNT) who draws you into a hypnotic world of immersive sound and music.
Friday 8th June, 7.30pm

Lucy and Jess explore the invisible boundary between the two halves of the country, asking how the spaces either side shape who we are. 
A mixed reality performative installation based on Wuthering Heights and the kaidan (Japanese ghost tales)
Selina Thompson Ltd - The Missy Elliott Project

For the next three years, Selina Thompson is going to be working with teenage girls across two continents – trying to imagine what the world will look like for femmes after the revolution. 

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