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Calderdale Libraries Film Club screenings 2018

With details of film screenings from this Wednesday 21st February, here is the latest Calderdale MDC libraries film club screening schedule:

Calderdale Libraries Film Club
Screenings for 2018  !

You might have come to the conclusion that King Cross Library Film Club had run its course - but we have finally finished moving library staff around Calderdale and settled in the new Central Library & Archives ... and we're ready to invite you to a new range of films and (sometimes) in a new location.

We hope you find something of interest, and hope to see you soon !

  • Entry to all showings is FREE
  • Since seating is limited, you will need to book a ticket – either by phone or in person from the relevant library, using the contact details shown
  • All showings start at 2pm, unless otherwise stated
NEXT at King Cross Library ...
Tel:  01422 288028 / 01422 288084

WEDNESDAY 21st February 2018    2pm    

Scribe  (la Mechanique de l'Ombre)
The unemployed Duval is contacted by a mysterious organization to transcribe intercepted calls. He accepts the job with no suspicions, since it restores stability to his life, but it will soon result in political shenanigans of all kinds.
A quietly disturbing French thriller, starring Francois Cluzet.

Directed by Thomas Kruithof              2016            1hr 24mins
In French, with English subtitles

WEDNESDAY  18th April 2018    1pm (note early start because of film-length)   

la Belle Noiseuse
The former famous painter Frenhofer (Michel Piccoli) revisits an abandoned project using the girlfriend of a young visiting artist. Questions about truth, life, and artistic limits are explored.

Directed by Jacques Rivette                   1991                3hrs 58mins
In French, with English subtitles
NEW at Central Library & Archives ...
Tel:  01422 392630

Explore our newly-built venue with clearer screen and true surround sound  -   with screenings alternating with King Cross Library as venue
Be among the first to ever watch a film in our new Media Store, in the heart of Halifax's flagship central library, just next door to the Piece Hall and Square Chapel !

Note we have now adjusted the start-time to 2pm, after consultation with contractors

WEDNESDAY  24th January 2018    2pm  

Tulip Fever
A starry period adaptation (by Tom Stoppard, no less) of Deborah Moggach's novel, led by Alicia Vikander and .Christoph Waltz, this historical drama remains bafflingly unreleased in the UK ... so our opening film of the season is a rare chance to see why !

Directed by Justin Chadwick                   2014                1hr 45mins
Be among the first to ever watch a film in our new Media Store, in the heart of Halifax's flagship central library, just next door to the Piece Hall and Square Chapel !

WEDNESDAY  21st March 2018    2pm   

the Moderns
A dryly comic kaleidoscope set in the birth of modern art in Paris, featuring Keith Carradine as a laconic artist commissioned to copy masterpieces and getting caught up in love and the business of fine painting.

Directed by Alan Rudolph                   1988                2hrs 06mins
Future screenings will include:

-  Francesco Rosi's Cadaveri Eccellenti (Illustrious Corpses) [1975]
-  Glenda Jackson as poet Stevie Smith in Stevie [1978]
-  Sam Shepherd's finest hour in Volker Schlondorf's Voyager (aka Homo Faber)
the Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby, starring Jessica Chastain and James McEvoy

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