Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Balance Festival, London, 11-13 May 2018

Early bird tickets to the London Balance Festival are now on sale, full details below:

Rounded Rectangle: VISIT NEW WEBSITE
Like you haven't got time for this....
Super Early Bird Tickets for Balance Festival, London 2018 go LIVE this Wednesday 8 November at noon.
Now that's something to sweat about.
Keep in the loop with all the details on our exciting new website.
First Headliners Announced

Boom Cycle
Method Movement

Another Space
Les Mills
Xtend Barre
Third Space
Main Stage

Work Like a Suit, Eat Like a Caveman By Balance Editorial Team

3 reasons the Paleo diet is more suited to city living than you might think. 

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The Next Chapter By Ludovic Rossignol-Isanovic
5 Game-Changing Tips To Become a Successful Fitness Vlogger By Zanna Van Dijk

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