Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Cleckheaton Writers Group minutes 8 January 2018

The first CWG meeting of 2018 took place last night with myself, Alice and Pauline in attendance, Kathy, Neil, Mandy and Arline having passed on their apologies.

After Pauline very kindly passed on some belated Christmas and birthday gifts (thank you Pauline) we discussed the latest Writers Magazine and the free 'writing prompt' insert.  There was an insert in the previous magazine as well, but Pauline felt it would be of use for the CWG members to know about it in case they wish to purchase it this month.  This led on to a discussion about writing goals for 2018 and achievements from 2017.  Alice and I felt that the six weeks of creative writing workshops at Brighouse Library with Emma Decent were very beneficial (copies of our poems are still available to view at the Library following the reading in December) and we were hoping that these would be run again.  It was decided that if the workshops do not run for a while, we will set up a creative writing workshop of our own for six weeks, same times/days 10.30-12.30 on a Friday at either Brighouse or Cleckheaton Library where Pauline, Alice and I will take turns with the theme/prompt for two of the weeks each.

WIP updates - I have written two more chapters of my current WIP, begun another edit of my first novel and am working on a better synopsis, so that I can send it out to another agent/publisher (it received a positive rejection from TRT publishing in 2017).  I have also been accepted on the RNA new writers scheme so will be aiming to complete this novel, my fourth, by the August deadline.  Pauline has been working out her writing resolutions for 2018 and has set herself the task of following the same four (see previous blogpost from this past weekend) that I had for 2017 that worked well for me.  She has looked at her current WIP to enable her to decide which one, if any, to begin with.  Alice has been working on a submission for Golden Egg Academy, Manchester, which she should find out about within the next 12 weeks.  Good luck to everyone.

Various competitions are listed in the writing magazines, on-line on Facebook and there has been a call out for volunteers for the Brighouse Arts Festival.  I also informed members that the Trinity University Writers Festival will be running on Wednesday 14 February 2018, full details of workshops etc. have not been announced yet but it usually runs from 10am until 5pm.  I also found a very interesting pin on Pinterest about a writing checker called Hemingway.  It checks all spellings, if you are over-using adverb, picks out over-complicated sentences, suggests replacements for over-complicated phrases, picks out the passive voice, tells you how readable your text is (grades/College level etc.) and calculates reading time.  There are various other great pins on Pinterest with writing prompts, advice etc. for writers so it might be worth taking a look.

There was no time for the feedback sessions or writing challenge.

The CWG next meeting will be on Monday 22 January 2018 at Cleckheaton Library 5.30-7pm.

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