Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Media City newsletters

Here is the latest Media City newsletter for my followers to peruse:

Your weekly update from MediaCityUK
Car Parking Update
We’re aware that there were frustrating and lengthy queues exiting the multi-storey on Monday and Wednesday this week and we’re very sorry for the inconvenience caused. Unfortunately, demand for spaces was exceptionally high on both these days which we believe was largely due to the rail strike. Please be assured we are working hard to find a solution and our team will be present this evening to speed up the exit process. 
The queues have also been exacerbated by only two of the three exit lanes being used by those leaving the car park. During peak times we will continue to man these lanes to ensure they are used effectively.
We have also invested in ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) technology which will recognise the number plate details of vehicles who hold a season ticket. This will allow these vehicles automatic access, hence speeding up the entrance and exit process.
We understand there are concerns among our community over the availability of parking spaces and we are closely monitoring demand for spaces. Despite a number of new tenants joining the MediaCityUK community we still have over 1,000 available spaces across the site including Booths, The Pitch and The Lowry.
We are also working closely with the BBC and dock10 on a car parking strategy for studio audiences who will be encouraged to park at the Lowry car park.
Thank you for your patience and if you have further questions or concerns please email:neil.beverley@mediacityuk.co.uk

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