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Writer's Digest Poetry Award, deadine 20 November

With special offers at their shop, upcoming courses, the poetry award and tutorials, here is the latest from Writer's Digest:

Plus a giveaway, a step-by-step guide to marketing your first book and more from Writer's Digest.


Writer's Digest


The cold reality is that few of us know any actual heroes, and can thus write about them from a place of experience. So, how can we know what they do when the action cools? How do they spend their time when they aren't kicking ass and saving babies? What do they put in their coffee each morning, villain tears? Read More...

This is the Easiest Way to Get Paid to Write – Even if You’ve Never Written Before

Whether you want to earn a little money on the side or get paid handsome fees on a regular basis, making a living as a well-paid writer couldn’t get any easier… even if you don’t have any prior experience. Not available on Amazon or anywhere else, The Little Black Book of In-Demand Writing Careers reveals the 9 most in-demand ways to write your way to success.

Perfect for writers of all levels of experience.

Take Pat McCord, a once struggling novelist who now has 15 titles published… all because she was able to “write away” her financial worries and focus on her passion of writing. You can find out how she did it and turn your dream of writing into a reality.

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Congratulations, you just launched your first book! But … what now? Here, Heather Christie outlines a process for ensuring the success of your book and your career.  Read More...

Danielle M. Wong believed that her story would be entirely free from her unwanted personal experiences and emotional obstacles-but learned a better approach along the way. Read More...

In addition to being full of inspiration, picture book biographies continue to be one of the hotter areas in children's publishing. The educational push of Common Core standards towards teaching and exploring nonfiction has created a market need that continues to grow. This need makes picture book biographies a smart choice for writers looking to break into children's writing. Here are three key questions that will help you get your story off on the right foot. Read More...

Middle Grade is a rapidly expanding genre -- and it's exciting to see the constant influx of new titles into the market! But writing Middle Grade can be tricky to execute and ultimately demands an eye for tone and style, and a steady hand for structural development. So whether you're 30,000 words in or just starting the first chapter, there are key skills you'll want to master before submitting your manuscript for submission, for example honing in on themes, working on character development, and becoming familiar with your audience. Learn More and Register...

Taking the leap from writer to published author is the end goal majority of writers have for their work. We all write for different reasons, are motivated by alternate factors, experiences, and characters, and pursue various genres and plotlines, but once the writing part is finished, we generally all want the same thing: to share our work with others. So if you’re considering publication for your writing, here are a few things to keep in mind. Read More...


Symbolic Animals: Write a story or a scene involving an animal that symbolizes something else. It can represent a concept, an experience, an emotion, a historical moment, or anything else you can think of.

Post your response (500 words or fewer) in the comments here ....

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Deadline: November 20. Enter your best poem for a chance to win $1,000 in cash, a feature in Writer's Digest, national recognition and more!



Writer's Digest

Give your best poem—32 lines or fewer—the chance to make a statement in the pages of Writer’s Digest!
Enter the Writer’s Digest Poetry Awards, and you could win $1,000 in cash, a spotlight in Writer’s Digest, national recognition and a lot more
Channel your passion for poetry, and show us your best work in the style of your choice.

Gain a deeper understanding of the possibilities of the moral contest in your writing



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In this 57-minute tutorial, award-winning novelist David Corbett guides you through a deeper understanding of the possibilities of the moral contest by exploring ways to add texture, nuance, and complexity to the depiction of opposing values, good and evil. Read More...

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