Saturday, 18 November 2017

Things to do this weekend in Leeds, New York and London

Not sure what to do this weekend?  Here are some ideas for those of my followers who live in or near Leeds, New York and London:

WIN tickets to The Magical Lantern Festival, dinner at The Smokin' Bar & Kitchen and an afternoon of festive music...
This week...
·         New Year's Eve
·         Try this pub crawl
·         New G&T menu launches
·         An almighty aprés ski shindig
·         Fabulous festive events
·         Kids activities
·         Winter walks














Hey Y'all,
It may be Tuesday but we’re not feeling any blues today. In fact, we’re pretty pumped for this whole week.
WHY, you may ask? Because it’s Pizza Tasting Week, a glorious time when the toastiest, fanciest pizzas enter our lives (and mouths). 🍕🍾
Office-sharing powerhouse WeWork is expanding its horizons by inspiring young minds with its upcoming “WeGrow” school program. Where was this when we were kids?! 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦🌷📝
And you can expand your own noggin’ by checking out any of our top November art shows! As the season comes to a close, we can see they clearly saved the best for last. 🎨🖌
Speaking of creativity, we’re counting the seconds ‘til Slim Cinema’s Vertical Film Festival when we can celebrate original vertical short films, local artists, and good vibes! See you there! 🎥🎞🎟
Finally, get a glimpse of the quest for a good night’s sleep from a dog’s eye view... and maybe pick up a few pointers on how to up your own bedsheet game! [sponsored] 🐶😵🛏
Pizza Party
The only thing better than indulging in the city's most delectable pizza pies? Getting to try them all in one week!

Celebrate Pizza Tasting Week with the brilliant minds behind Italian Restaurant Week and sink your teeth into these creative and classic pies.

Hey, we can always start our diets after Thanksgiving, right? Read more…
The Kids Are All Right
WeWork is taking over. From business to co-living, it's no surprise to hear they'll be making their way into NYC's educational sphere.

They'll be introducing a new approach to education with WeGrow, coming next fall! Keep your eyes peeled for the young minds about to be molded! Read more…
Art Guide
Sometimes, a good art show is just what you need to refresh your mind and inspire your grind.

And since a lot of NYC galleries will close their doors for the winter, the shows going on this November be the last chance to get your creative fix! Read more…
Sponsored by:

Getting a good night's sleep is hard enough for humankind, but man's best friend is at our mercy.

Yet one lucky critter had owners smart enough to grab these comfy bedsheets and he's been sleeping sound ever since!

Check out his journey from the crate life to the great life! Read more…
The Rewind/Unwind
This week, we’re all about expanding brains and tummies alike.
Speaking of mind-benders, we had a lot of thoughts about the MTA’s recent decision to do away with "ladies and gentleman" in favor of gender-neutral terms.
We were psyched to see even the mighty Cleveland Cavaliers take good ol’ subway like us normals. But it turns out sitting next to Lebron James is no picnic!
Peace, love and good vibes,
spoiled NYC team


Happy Hump Day! 🐪 Just think, in exactly one week, you'll be free for the holiday weekend! And totally ready to down a hearty meal.
Not exactly thrilled to do all that cooking prep? Our Thanksgiving Dinner Guide does all the work for you, no matter what your budget is. Because hey, we can't all be Gordon Ramsey. 🦃🦃🦃
In other news, the MTA is introducing a new fare capping system. Because why guess if a monthly or weekly is worth it when they can do the math for us? 🚉🤑
Speaking of the subway, ridership is down since peaking last year. New Yorkers are opting to drive, hop on a bus, or even bike just to avoid subways.🙅
Another activity we're constantly avoiding? Laundry. But with Cleanly's $1,000 giveaway, you could win free laundry for an entire year. See ya, sky-high dirty clothing piles! 👕👗
BTW, you may have gotten an email earlier without a subject line. 😔 Let us know if you received it and we'll make sure it's corrected. Thank you.
Let's Get Stuffed
You don't need to to be a culinary artist or throw down a ton of ca$h to enjoy one of the happiest and yummiest days of the year.

There's plenty of delectable Thanksgiving dinner celebrations going down. And if you're like us, you might let the professionals cook up a holiday feast so that you don't have to!

Here's a roundup of our faves at any price! Read more…
Save It
This is a bold step towards a more efficient, less stressful MTA commute.
What's "fare capping?" It's a little confusing at first, but it's meant to make the subway more fair, affordable and personalized, catering to each rider.
Not Worth It
Since peaking in 2016, subway ridership has decreased as people find new ways to get around.

The inconveniences and delays just aren't worth it for some of these unsatisfied commuters.

Uber, Lyft, or even playing the high-risk "game" of biking in NYC is apparently more appealing than the subway. Read more…
Free Laundry
Doing laundry might just be one of the most miserable, monotonous chores of all time. If the sight of an overflowing hamper makes you cringe, we have the perfect solution for you.

Cleanly, the laundry service app, is giving away a free year of laundry and dry cleaning with a grand prize worth $1,000!

May the free laundry odds be ever in your favor. Read more…
The Rewind/Unwind
Ready to teleport to the Italian Alps via Eataly's wintry pop-up restaurant? Hell yeah, we want to snuggle up to some comfort food inside a dine-in log cabin.
Have you seen this gorgeous aerial time-lapse of the city? These beautiful day-to-night views remind us why we're so in love with this town and thankful just to be here.
What are you thankful for?
Blessing and good vibes only,
spoiled NYC

5 Things to Do This Weekend

Truffle, rare sakes, Hermès and ballet – just some of the wonderful things you can enjoy this weekend in London. Why not combine them all for the ultimate indulgence? Scroll down to find out more.

Or, if you fancy a weekend away, head to Durham for the wonderful Lumiere festival lighting up its landmarks. And don't miss the chance to see some wonderful theatre and exhibitions that are ending soon...
Taste of London Festive Edition
In celebration of London’s trophy title as the global culinary hot-spot, this year’s Taste of London festival returns for its festive edition. Opening today and continuing until Sunday, it's well worth heading down to Tobacco Dock this weekend.

Involving only the finest chefs, restaurants and gourmet producers, including renowned chefs such as Ollie Dabbous and Jackson Boxer, the festival will also hold The World Cheese Awards 2017 (the largest cheese competition the world has ever seen…). Don't miss it! 16-19 Nov, buy tickets here.
Ending Soon in Town
Christie's Handbags & Accessories Auction Preview
Head to Christie's public exhibition of the show-stopping pieces to be auctioned in Paris next month. With limited-edition Chanel, rare Hermès Birkin and Kelly bags, it's worth going just to see them up close. Take a sneak peek here. 15-18 Nov
Ivan Putrov at London Coliseum
For two nights only, Ivan Putrov's celebration of the male dancer comes to London. The former Royal Ballet Principal will recreate his famous role of Nijinsky in Le Spectre de la Rose, where he danced en pointe. Buy tickets here. 22-23 Nov
Lumiere Festival in Durham
The UK’s largest light festival is back in Durham, produced by arts charity Artichoke and commissioned by Durham County Council. Lumiere will light up Durham’s most iconic landmarks and public spaces. 16-19 November

Why not make a weekend of it? Head to High Force Waterfall in County Durham, following a path through the woodland to the base of the falls where the River Tees drops 21 metres into a plunge pool below. Check out the best hotels in the area here, and ideas for what to do in the country this winter here.
Ending Soon in the Country
Christopher Bruce, Ghost Dances
If you're anywhere near Bradford, don't miss Christopher Bruce's award-winning masterpiece, a haunting portrait of life and death in Latin America. At The Alhambra in Bradford until Saturday, then touring the country. Until 17 Nov
Don McCullin at Gracefield Art Centre, Dumfries
As correspondent for The Sunday Times Magazine for 28 years, McCullin had a remarkable ability to capture suffering and conflict, and remains one of the world's greatest photographers. See his work in Dumfries until Sunday. Until 19 Nov
One-Off Suppers in London
It’s truffle season, and in celebration Corrigan’s Mayfair are hosting a one-off Truffle Festival Feast. Executive chef Ross Bryans will be teaming up with Richard Corrigan to host a six-course truffle tasting menu of both black and white variety truffles. If you had to put a price on utter indulgence, this would be it. 20 November, £185 & additional £100 with wine pairings. Book here.

More of a sushi and sake fan? Then book your place at Mayfair hotspot Cubé next week for a five-course supper paired with special Dassai sakes, one of which retails at £1,000. We're especially excited about the sashimi chosen by head chef Osamu Mizuno, previously of Nobu and Sake no Hana. 21 November, £120 per person. Find out more here.
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