Wednesday, 26 September 2018

London Writers Club, 10 things you need to know about Katie Greenstreet, C & W Agency

Here is the latest information  from London Writers Club:

Ten things you need to know about Katie Greenstreet of C & W Agency

1/C & W has the combined appeal of the uniqueness of a smaller agency with the back up of the huge machine of Curtis Brown. 

2/There are 7 primary agents and they are known for nurturing debut talent and new voices.

3/Katie reads and considers each submission carefully and collaborates with authors on the editorial process. 

4/She represents a great range of fiction and non fiction but emphasises the importance of voice and the international appeal. 

5/She loves campus novels with a twist and quirky coming of age stories. Food novels - think Sweet Bitter. She likes memoirs that read like novels eg The Glass Castle and they don't have to be written in a linear timeline. Check out Educated as well. 

6/We asked her to define voice - it takes us into a character's head. Crafting a personality. Not simply important in a first person narrative, but also books written in the third person. 

7/C & W is hugely collaborative between agents/assistants/interns and outside readers. They have monthly meetings to discuss submission strategy and swap tips. 

8/Query tips - tell an editor why you are approaching them - make the personal connection.

9/Katie's authors come - 50/50 - from unsolicited and from festivals/creative writing schools/magazine/short stories (so get out there with your writing!). 

10/Finally if you are pitching face to face, know your book. Check out the pitch parties on Twitter eg #mwl and start tweeting/pitching with the hashtags.

Next event is on 30 October, speak to be confirmed. Put the date in your diary.

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