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Publishing events ... 

Hello bookish friends, 

The Autumn season officially kicks off this week. There’s loads going on here and some of you will still be pondering over what to attend.

So here's our round-up of our upcoming events, aimed at professionals across the publishing industry. We hope you can join us either as a member (you can then attend all of them!) or for the events that take your fancy.

BookMachine Unplugged: Doing digital the publishing way – coding for all: a manifesto 
Wednesday 26th September 2018
From 6.30pm King's Cross, London

This is not your typical digital event. You won’t hear about the importance of a maths or computer science background. You won’t see a (mostly male) panel talking agile vs waterfall, workflows and gamification.

You will hear from inspiring publishing professionals. They’ll demystify coding and show how a typical arts and humanities-educated publisher can get involved. They will inspire so you see how the skills of an editor, copywriter or indexer are transferable and relevant for doing digital.

BookMachine London with TLS: Must read – must buy? 
Wednesday 3rd October 2018
From 6.30pm King's Cross, London

Book groups and academic seminars, Amazon reviews and Goodreads, newspapers and little magazines, radio shows and literary podcasts and sometimes even TV shows – in terms of form, tone, quality and everything else, the contemporary conversation about books and ideas can seem a thing of infinite variety. But how much does any of it help the books business – if it can be measured at all? And what do authors, book reviewers, publicists and all the other interested parties make of it all? Join us and an eclectic panel for a crucial conversation about the conversation . . .

BookMachine Unplugged: What happens when marketing and publicity collide? Merging offline with online for maximum impact. 
Wednesday 28th November 2018
From 6.30pm King's Cross, London

Marketing and PR increasingly come together in on and off-line environments, blurring boundaries of traditional activity with cross-team campaigns. The rise of social, community and experience/events have merged two departments into one. Effective storytelling is now at the heart of campaigns, content marketing and digital channels.

But what has happened to core publicity and marketing functions in the meantime? How are teams working and changing to respond to this new environment? And how can you adopt these new approaches on a shoestring budget?

See you soon!
Laura Summers (BookMachine, Co-founder)

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Hello publishing people!

It's September, and we are back. Here is your monthly roundup of what we've been talking about on BookMachine over the past month.

Please also come and meet us in real life! We have three evening events left this year. Each has been programmed to inspire, educate and connect you to others across the industry. You can take your pick from the listings here and we'll send more information your way tomorrow.


Do-it-yourself scanning: how we got into OCR and you can too
Nick Barreto
This whole adventure began because when we started out at Canelo: we knew we were going to be publishing books that had no digital editions or any digital files at all, so scanning and OCR was going to have to happen at some point.


A double life in publishing: interview with publisher and literary agent
Yasmin Kane
A literary agent for 14 years, Yasmin Kane set up her own publishing house, Three Hares Publishing, in 2014. A firm believer that you need to move with your times, Yasmin strives to be at the cusp of change in a continuously evolving and fast-paced industry.


Why the book industry needs Pride in Publishing
Nick Coveney
Earlier in the year my fellow Pride in Publishing co-chair Zainab and I spoke at the BookMachine’s “talking editorial” panel on inclusivity. It was a great event with lots of potential to make a positive impact and bolster some of the great work being done in the publishing industry.


Judging a book by its colour: How colour psychology can help you build a successful brand
Karen Haller
Visual trends in publishing tend to come from outside of the industry and the blurring of boundaries in our online and offline lives has been a powerful influence on the designs we are seeing.


From here to Affinity?
Ken Jones
...maybe, this week will see the beginning of a real challenge to the status quo.
This week the long awaited app Affinity Publisher is being finally released in public beta to claims that it will revolutionise desktop publishing


Bringing books to the people: why we’re feeling Victorious in Portsmouth
Esther Harris
Humour me. Let’s play word association just for a second. Books. What springs to mind for you? Someone intellectual-looking, casually reading with a furrowed brow as they turn over the latest high-brow literary themes in their mind? Library. Shush! Be quiet. 


Freedom, books, flowers… and a podcast
Thea Lenarduzzi
We started Freedom, Books, Flowers and the Moon in summer 2016, when I came back from a stint at Independent newspaper (the print publication that is, which folded about 6 months after I arrived; I’m hoping the two things are pure coincidence…).

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Sam Perkins
We hope to see you soon! 
Laura & the BookMachine Team

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TALKING TECH | 26.09.18

Hello Publishing People,

We hope you have all had a superb summer so far, and have indulged in some excellent books!

Our first event of the Autumn is on Wednesday 26th September, and tickets are selling quickly.

Some of you have attended the BookMachine coding workshops run by Emma Barnes. This Unplugged event picks up on this topic. It aims to demystify coding and show how the typical arts and humanities-educated publisher can get involved. The inspiring panelists will show you how the skills of an editor, copywriter or indexer are transferable and relevant for doing digital.

The event host is Emma Barnes (Founder & CEO, Bibliocloud and MD, Snowbooks). She will be joined by Sara O'Connor (Full Stack Developer, Bibliocloud), Lola Odelola (Software Engineer and Founder of blackgirl tech) and Janneke Niessen (Entrepreneur, Investor, Boardmember, Inspiring Fifty, Project Prep).

BookMachine members get free entry to all Unplugged and TLS events, free entry to The London Book Fair and The Frankfurt Book Fair - and lots of other useful benefits.

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Claire Maxwell
We look forward to seeing you all soon!

Laura & the BookMachine Team

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