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Writer's Digest University

Read Like a Writer: Learn from the Masters

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This course was excellent. The lessons were informative, interesting, and provided me with new tools for crafting my own writing. I enjoyed the guided study of literary short stories to examine how famous writers use language, motifs, and diction effectively. I have strategies moving forward. The skills I learned in the course are valuable, and I am inspired to keep writing. -AR
The lectures are accessible. They're also enjoyable reads, in addition to their educational value, as lessons, to a writer-in-training. Mark is also conscientious in his responses to homework submissions. He responds efficiently and balances candor and appreciation, in your response to submissions. An all around enjoyable and educational experience. -DR

Instructor Mark Spencer

Mark Spencer is the author of Ghost Walking, A Haunted Love Story, Trespassers, and other works. His short stories have appeared in The Laurel Review, Short Story, and elsewhere. He has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize eight times and has received four Special Mentions in Pushcart Prize: Best of the Small Presses.

Krista Rea
Krista Rea
Krista is the Online Education Manager for Writer's Digest. She is an avid reader and is always on the lookout for a great new book.

F+W, 10151 Carver Road, Suite 200 Blue Ash, OH, 45242 USA

Plus, learn how to awaken your mind to poetic thinking.

Guide to Literary Agents 2017


How to Write and Publish Short Stories and Personal Essays

In the latest episode of the Writer’s Digest Podcast, Gabriela Pereira talks with Windy Lynn Harris about writing and publishing short stories, personal essays and nonfiction articles.Read more.

After 15 years of working together selling rights for the Perseus Book imprints, Jennifer Thompson and Isabelle Bleecker decided to set up their own agency—Nordlyset Literary Agency—with partner Nathan Vogt. Both are looking for quality literary fiction and nonfiction by experts in their fields writing for a wide audience in the areas of popular science and math, history, business and economics, current affairs, psychology, psychology-based parenting, international economics and affairs, and self-help.   Learn more and discover how to submit here.

If you’re a writer or an illustrator for young readers and your goal is to get published, Children's Writer's & Illustrator's Market 2018 is just the resource you need.
$29.99       $14.99

Learn how to write & sell a novel without guidelines, experts, or (occasionally) pants.

Cheryl St. John will help you unlock your skills, guiding you to overcome every hesitation, obstacle, form of writer’s block, and procrastination habit you have.

Guggenheim Fellow and poet Jane Hirshfield explains, "Poetry's work is the clarification and magnification of being." Here are some creativity exercises to help awaken your mind to poetic thinking, and to clarify and magnify your poetry writing.   Read More...

Story 5

Jess Zafarris
Jess Zafarris
Follow @jfarrisknight
Jess Zafarris is an energetic multimedia journalist with more than 7 years of experience writing and editing, and the content director of Writer's Digest.

F+W, 10151 Carver Road, Suite 300 Blue Ash, OH, 45242 USA

"Would definitely recommend it to other writers." - CF

Writer's Digest University


Are you interested in ways to expand your professional writing experience? Writing online content may be just the direction you are looking for. In this course you will learn the basics of online article writing as well as how to market your work. In addition, this course will also teach you how to pitch online assignments and establish and promote an online platform. Register today!

What you'll learn
Basic principles applicable to all types of online article writing—news, feature articles, opinion articles, alternative story forms, and blog postings
How to write effective and engaging blog postings
How to establish a blog and online platform;
How to promote your article writing using free and premium tools.

Who should attend
Beginning writers who are interested in ways to expand their professional writing experience
Journalism students and established journalists who want to refresh their appreciation of online writing
Freelancers intent on building an online platform and making money from online article writing

"The content of this class was engaging and informative, and the assignments were empowering. " -LR
"I will definitely recommend this course to anyone interested in learning how to hone their writing skills. " -CH

Thursday, April 19 - May 17, 2018


Instructor: Naveed Saleh
Naveed Saleh is a freelance medical writer and editor who has written for a variety of national publications and content-marketing teams.

Additional Courses Starting April 19:


 F+W, 10151 Carver Road, Suite 300, Blue Ash, OH, 45242 USA

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