Monday, 23 April 2018

Cleckheaton Literature Festival minutes 23 April 2018

The Cleckheaton Writers Group meeting took place tonight where myself, Cassie, Alice, Pauline and Arline were in attendance, Sarah, Mandy, Kathy and Neil having passed on their apologies.

We introduced Cassie to Alice and Arline as they were not at the last meeting and the minutes from the last meeting were passed.

WIP updates: I have written several poems as part of NaNoWriPo and 3,635 words of my WIP, as well as plot planning. Cassie has started a short story which she hopes she will be able to enter into the Prima Magazine short story competition with a prize of £100 (the story needs to be emailed along with a photograph of yourself). Alice has written a couple of poems and has made it to 50% completion of her WIP novel. She is now waiting for feedback before writing any more but it has to be finished by November. Alice has also been planning the next two books. Pauline has written more on her current WIP entitled Escape, made some notes for 2/3 more chapters and more of her WIP about her character Mr Bickerman. Arline has been revisiting pieces she wrote earlier, short stories, and has been thinking of ideas for a new story which will involve historical aspects.

Feedback sessions: Alice shared chapter 3 of her WIP which was well received. One alteration was suggested and then Alice discussed her plans for the book with the group. I shared one of the poems I have written and a chapter from my WIP, which were both well received. It was suggested that I enter the poem into a competition and then we discussed plans for my novel going forward.

We then discussed upcoming events, such as Leeds Big Bookend, Theakstons Old Peculier Crime Writing Festival and Read Regional. Alice informed the group that the Golden Egg is open for applications for MG or YA writers once more. If successful the sessions would take place in Manchester, involve a deposit of £200 then £60 per month for 10 months for 3 full-day worskshops, 24 on-line workshops and 3 one-to-ones of 10k words with an hour to discuss. Pauline told the group that the Writers Forum magazine has a subscription offer of a free copy of Stephen King's On Writing which is an excellent writing resource.

The next meeting will take place on Monday 7 May 2018, 5.30-7pm at Cleckheaton Library. Meetings are fortnightly thereafter and new members are always welcomed.

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