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Retreat West newsletter

With details including an 8 month novel writing course and a writers retreat, here is the latest Retreat West newsletter:


Hope you've been finding some time and motivation to write. One of the writers currently going through the 8 Month Novel Course emailed me this week to say she'd lost her writing mojo and wanted some tips to get it back.

It's always hard to answer questions like this as different things work for us all but I gave her a few prompts unrelated to the novel to get her writing something. I'm happy to say it worked and she emailed yesterday saying she was at her laptop tapping away. Here are some of the prompts I gave her so if you find yourself getting stuck give them a try too:
  • Write in your own voice and describe something that happened in your day yesterday
  • Write a list of green things, pick 3, then write descriptions of them
  • Write in your own voice starting with this sentence: If I could have one wish it would be...
  • Write a list of objects that begin with the letter D, pick 3, then write a scene that incorporates them all - this doesn't have to be a scene in your novel. See if you can create new characters.
Since launching the new Author Membership programme, Kelly has been chatting with the members that have joined the Facebook group and they've all said that the weekly emails with writing tips and prompts are one of the things they like best about being a member. That and entries to the comps that are included as it means they have deadlines to submit to as they've already paid to enter! Whatever works to get rid of procrastination is great!

Kelly and Phil are both going through the 8 Month Novel Course as part of their internship with Retreat West and are going to be blogging about the experience throughout this year. Kelly kicked off last week with 'Give Your Character A Birthday' and what she learned about writing real characters from this one exercise. Read it here. 

Phil has also launched a new free to enter photo flash challenge where the winner gets a free entry to a themed flash competition of their choice.  The next one closes on June 24th with the theme of reunions and there are two more this year as well. There is £400 in prizes available for the three winning stories and publication on the website too.

The cli-fi anthology, Nothing Is As It Was, is now available on Amazon and what better time to buy it than to celebrate Earth Day, which is on Sunday 22nd April. The paperback can be ordered now and the ebook is on pre-order to be auto delivered to ebook readers on Earth Day. Don't forget all are welcome to the launch party on 2nd May where several of the authors will be reading and there'll be wine and nibbles. Hope you can join us.

Submissions are still open for the anthology that will be published in November to support the 100 Years March and celebrate women's suffrage. You have until 27th May to submit your stories and have the opportunity to raise funds for Hestia as well as seeing your writing featured alongside award-winning and best-selling authors, including Angela Readman, Isabel Costello, Anna Mazzola. Victoria Richards and Angela Clarke. Hope you'll get a chance to send us something - you can get all the info on the project here.

At the rights management seminar I attended at LBF last week I discovered that TV and film companies are actively seeking novels and short stories to adapt for the screen, as well as original screenplay ideas. In particular, Netflix and Amazon Video have dedicated scouts working in the UK and US. If you'd like to find out how you can attract their attention there's just one place left at our Screenwriting Retreat now where you'll learn how to create pitches and screenplays that sell. Get info here.

Happy writing,
Amanda x

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3 levels of membership available starting from just £2 a month or £20 for the full year.


8 Month Novel Course
Get help all the way

Online course content, 1-1 mentoring and motivation all the way through to get you from idea to complete first draft in just 8 months. You also get a full novel review at the end.

Start anytime - get 20% off as a Gold Author Member, 10% as Silver, and 5% as Bronze.


The Flash Fiction Retreat
12-16 November 2018, Devon

Love writing flash fiction? Join us for this retreat where you'll be working from prompts to create new work that will be published in an anthology with Retreat West Books. As well as having a great 5 days writing you'll also get a 12.5% share of profits from the anthology along with your fellow retreating flashers.

4 spaces left - get 10% discount as a Gold Author Member or 5% as Silver.

Start Your Novel Course
£245 with feedback
£165 without feedback

Get a novel outline and plan in place and get to know your story, characters and world before you start writing the first draft. The content is the first 6 weeks of the 8 Month Novel Course and is designed for writers who prefer to do the planning then work alone at their own pace to get the first draft of their novel written.
Start anytime - get 20% off as a Gold Author Member, 10% as Silver, and 5% as Bronze.

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