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New Writers Digest newsletters

With details of a short story competition and more, here are the latest Writer's Digest newsletters for my followers to peruse:

You have up to 32 lines to try and take home $1,000!

Writer's Digest Competitions


If you’re a poet, then you won’t want to miss our exclusive competition for poetry!
No matter what you like to craft—whether it’s free verse, odes, pantoums, sonnets, villanelles, haikus, or more—we’ll accept it. It just has to be 32 lines or less!
So find your favorite, unpublished piece—or start crafting a new one—and polish it up. Because this is one competition you simply can’t miss.
With a $1,000 cash prize and publication in Writer’s Digest magazine, you have plenty of incentive to get started.
Just be sure to give yourself plenty of time! Get your poems in by November 19!


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Writer's Digest Competitions


Sometimes the best way to break out as a writer is to keep it short—as in short stories.
At Writer’s Digest, we want to see your absolute best writing—at 1,500 words or less—for our Annual Short Short Story Competition!
And if you can wow us, you’ll get the prize that will help you break out: $3,000 plus a trip to New York City for the Writer’s Digest Annual Conference.
Start flexing those writing muscles, and grab your red pen, because you’ll need some good editing to keep this short and sweet.
Be bold, be brilliant, be brief! But hurry: Your best deal on entering ends November 15.


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Approach your short stories and novels as scripts

Writer's Digest Tutorials


In this 36-minute tutorial, pick up a few tips from Tee Morris who approaches his short stories and novels not as short stories and novels but as scripts. With his background in theatre, Tee brings what he knows of the stage to his stories. Read More...

Writer's Digest Tutorials Members enjoy full access to all tutorials featured in this newsletter, as well as every tutorial on the site. For only $199 you gain access to all Writer's Digest's writing tutorials for an entire year. That means you have access to all 350+ current tutorials and all the new tutorials created throughout the year. 

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Sue Johnson
Sue is an Instructional Designer for Writer's Digest. She lives with her Corgi/Dachshund (Dorgi), Dori, and three kitties. Follow her on Twitter @sueajohnsonco.

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If you're still not sure - sign up for the FREE webinar

Writer's Digest University


Today, Amazon sells nearly 50% of all print books and over 70% of all e-books in America. If you want to sell more books, and hit a bestseller list in the future, you must learn how to sell more books through Amazon.

It doesn’t matter if you’re self-published or traditionally-published. It doesn’t matter if you write fiction or non-fiction. It doesn’t matter if you’re a first-time author or an experienced veteran. Success for every author hinges upon selling more books on Amazon.

Mastering Amazon for Authors is the premiere online video course designed to help you increase book sales at the world’s largest retailer. This self-paced course provides in-depth instruction for authors at any level. Marketing expert, Rob Eagar, takes the guesswork out of promoting your books on Amazon and explains how to:
  • Convert more sales when readers view your book on Amazon
  • Secure more persuasive customer reviews for free
  • Get your books noticed on Amazon's huge website
  • Use Amazon's algorithms to get free marketing for your books
  • Build your author email list using Amazon's massive audience
  • Create advertising that drive readers directly to your books
Watch the videos and go behind the scenes into Amazon’s system. Discover how to increase your book sales, no matter your genre or experience level. In addition, Rob Eagar, will be available to answer your questions during the course to help you make progress.

Still on the fence? Sign up for a free, live preview webinar with Rob on October 29. Click here to learn more and register!

Here's How it Works:

On November 8, 2018, you will gain access to 11 video sessions that will guide you through selling books on Amazon from start to finish. You will also gain access to discussion boards, unique to each session, that will allow you to ask Rob questions and interact with your fellow students. As you work through the course discussion boards will remain live for your reference. When the course closes on December 14, 2018, access to post on the discussion boards will be removed, so be sure to ask questions before the course closes. You will have access to the videos and past discussions until January 14, 2019.

Here's one of the best parts: Get your Amazon questions answered by an expert. Students of this course can send questions directly to instructor, Rob Eagar.

Course Sessions:

SESSION 1: Master Your Book’s Amazon Detail Page
The way your book appears on Amazon’s website determines if people choose to buy a copy. If your book detail page is excellent, then you will sell more books. If your book detail page is lacking, you sales will suffer. This session explains seven elements of an effective book detail page, provides fiction and non-fiction examples you can follow, and describes how to convert more sales on Amazon.

SESSION 2: How to Get More Customer Reviews
Customer reviews on Amazon are essential to help close the book sale. In this session, learn four ways to get more reviews for free. Plus, there’s a bonus download available to use with your tribe to help get more reviews written on your behalf.

SESSION 3: How to Get Your Book Noticed on Amazon
Amazon sells so many books that authors worry how to get their books noticed with such fierce competition. This session explains ways to gain awareness for your books on Amazon using methods that are inexpensive – and even free.

SESSION 4: Maximize Your Author Central Account
This important session reveals why every author should set up a free Author Central Account on Amazon. You will learn how to setup an account and use the helpful data that Amazon provides, including a little-known way to track your book sales.

SESSION 5: Amazon's Secret Marketing Back Door
Are you disappointed with the marketing text that your publisher posted on your book’s Amazon page? Here’s great news. You’re not stuck with it. In this session, discover a secret “back door” that lets you take control of your book’s marketing text on Amazon and fix publisher mistakes.

SESSION 6: Amazon Sales Rankings Explained
Every author wants to reach #1 on Amazon. However, your book’s sales ranking doesn’t mean what most authors think. This session debunks common myths about Amazon sales rankings, explains how to identify your sales ranking, use the data properly, and estimate actual book sales.

SESSION 7: Build Your Email List with Bait Books
This session alone is worth purchasing the entire course! Discover a clever way to grow your author email list using Amazon's huge audience of readers...for FREE! Are you worried that too few people come to your author website? Learn how to turn the tables and build your following using Amazon’s host of hungry readers.

SESSION 8: Amazon Ads Overview
This session provides a useful overview of Amazon's amazing advertising platform for authors. Learn six benefits of using Amazon ads and how to take advantage of their system no matter whether you're an indie author or traditionally-published.

SESSION 9: How to Create a Sponsored Products Ad
Sponsored Product Ads are an incredibly powerful tool to reach new readers. In this session, learn how to use Amazon's advertising system and walk through the steps to create effective Sponsored Product Ads. You’ll experience a live demonstration to create powerful ads for any type of fiction or non-fiction book.

SESSION 10: How to Create a Product Display Ad
Just like Session 9, watch another demonstration that focuses on creating Product Display Ads. You will learn the specific benefits of these ads and how to use them to gain more attention for your books.

SESSION 11: Ad Metrics and Ad Scaling
The final session provides a tutorial explaining how to use the data Amazon provides to track your ads performance. You will also learn how to properly scale your ads when you want to increase your advertising budget.

November 8 - December 14


Instructor: Rob Eagar
Learn from one of the most accomplished book marketing experts in America. For over 10 years, Rob Eagar has coached more than 450 authors, consulted with numerous publishing houses, and helped clients hit the New York Times bestseller list three different ways, including new fiction, new non-fiction, and backlist non-fiction. He even helped a book become a New York Times bestseller after 20 years in print!

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