Sunday, 13 May 2018

The Bridport Prize

With a deadline of 31 May, here are the details of The Bridport Prize:



Competition closes 31 May midnight BST 

What will you enter?

Words of inspiration from our past winners

"Everyone wants to win the Bridport Prize. To realise that you’ve made it through all the readers and judging rounds and come out on top is a real boost. As writers, we spend so much time wondering if we’re any good and being rejected. Getting somewhere in the Bridport Prize (anywhere) keeps us going and makes it all worthwhile"
Kit de Waal 1st prize, Flash Fiction competition 2015 & 2015

Flash Fiction Prize 2018
1st Prize £1,000 | 2nd Prize £500 | 3rd Prize £250
10 x £100 for Highly Commended | Judge: Monica Ali


“It’s incredibly affirming to have a poem placed in a competition as prestigious as the Bridport. As well as the immense personal pleasure, it’s really satisfying to know that the few verses you’ve worked on in solitude for so long have communicated their essence, the meaning you wanted them to have, to someone else”

Caroline Price 3rd prize, Poetry competition 2016

Poetry Prize 2018
1st Prize £5,000 | 2nd Prize £1,000 | 3rd Prize £500
10 x £100 for Highly Commended | Judge: Daljit Nagra 


"A story prize is an invitation to keepwriting, and to join storytellers everywhere.  What a crowd! So I’m back to reading a lot more, trying to learn from others, see what they’ve done, dumbstruck sometimes at the nearly miraculous attention, tenderness, understanding and mettle.  I aspire!”

Kathleen Donkin 2nd prize, Short Story competition 2016

Short Story Prize 2018
1st Prize £5,000 | 2nd Prize £1,000 | 3rd Prize £500
10 x £100 for Highly Commended | Judge: Monica Ali


"When I took the phone call telling me I'd won the Bridport Prize for my first novel, I was so excited I walked with the phone out of the front door and into the street where I paced up and down, beaming. My living room wasn't big enough to hold my excitement.
Within a month of attending the lovely prize-giving event in Dorset I was signed up with the literary agency A M Heath. I am now working with 'my agent' (what a wonderful thing to be able to write!) and The Literary Consultancy (who, along with A M Heath, sponsor the Bridport), to hone my novel with the aim of getting it published."
S.M. Misra 1st prize, Peggy Chapman-Andrews Award for a First Novel 2016

Novel Prize 2018
 1st Prize  £1,000 plus mentoring with The Literary Consultancy
2nd Prize £500 + manuscript assessment |  3rd Prize  3 x £100 for shortlisted writers
Judge: Kamila Shamsie


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