Tuesday, 1 November 2011


Just got back from previewing this very powerful and moving film.  It made for very uncomfortable viewing and I am positive there was not a dry eye in the house, but I highly recommend it.  It is the true story of an American 'sinner' who finds God and decides to build his own church in America and an orphanage in war-torn Sudan.  The atrocities that are committed in Sudan were very visually depicted and this was made even more harrowing when it involved little children.  The film makes you doubt our very humanity when these things are going on in our world and seriously question why our Governments only want to enter wars to help countries that have oil or some other benefit to themselves.  We may be in a recession, but when you have seen this film, you will come to realise that we have it good.  5/5

Another very successful and fun Writers Group was held last night where we fully embraced the date - we all shared spooky stories.  Neil's excellent tale of a little girl's sleepover caused many goosebumps and earned him a bag of sweets as first prize in a competition (may it be the start of many competitions wins to come) and Paul's wicked story of an evil killer creeped us all out.  My story was also well received and we felt we had better read out something lighter before we ventured out into the darkness.  Paul read a couple of chapters of my romance novel to lighten the mood and we got so carried away, we had to be reminded that the library closes at 8pm.  Can't wait for the next meeting.

Unfortunately Dawn was unable to attend the meeting, but she has posted her spooky story on her blog (as has Neil) so if you wish to be chilled, check them out.

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