Friday, 25 November 2011

BEAT IT - A Tribute to Michael Jackson

I attended this event last night held at Whitcliffe Mount High School and it was really entertaining.  This was a musical and dancing extravaganza featuring the songs of the legend that is MJ and there were some fantastic performances.  It is nice to know that Cleckheaton has such amazing musicians, dancers and singers - even the DJ/AV was to a high standard.  Unsurprisingly, my favourite was 'Beat It' performed in the second act by my daughters' group.  My daughter and her friend Chloe sang a rocked-out version of the song whilst they were ably supported by two excellent guitarists, an in-time drummer and a female organist.  Thankfully, unlike the Christmas light-switch on, the microphones were up to the task and you could hear the singing along with the instruments!  I thought they were all incredibly brave to do that in front of an audience of people they know (sometimes that is worse than strangers) and it is the first time Georgiana has sung in public - usually she plays her trumpet as part of the band and that must be nerve-wracking enough.  The other evening highlights were Keiran Roberts and his band doing 'Smooth Criminal' (his performance was very reminiscent of Kurt Cobain in a good way), the excellent voice of Georgia Rigg and the minute timing of the vast majority of the dancers, though it would have been the perfect end to the performance if all of the Thriller 'zombies' had taken the stage for a bow at the finale.

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