Saturday, 26 November 2011


Just got back from a lovely evening in Leeds with Marcus, Georgiana and her friend Emily.  We went to the Christmas market which is full of gorgeous chocolate, sweets, german sausages and lots of other interesting things.  We were a little disappointed that the singing moose wasn't there (the kids loved that year), but we really enjoyed the dark chocolate-covered strawberry skewers, yum.  We met Marcus' workmate Johnny Rich (really, that IS his actual name) who seemed to have been enjoying the steins of beer, which is probably a good thing as I was wearing my winter hat which is not a very good look for me, but very warm, LOL.  We also went to pizza express which was good, but the restaurant was extremely hot - I sometimes wonder if they do that so that you buy more drinks!

Passed the 35k mark in wordage for NaNoWriMo this afternoon, but am not sure if I can make the full 50k by Wednesday.  Here's hoping.......

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