Saturday, 19 November 2011


Took my daughter to see The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part One (now that's a mouthful) this morning and those who know me well, will know I was looking forward to this as much as her (I think Edward Anthony Masen Cullen - see PROOF I am a Twihard :) - is the most romantic character since Jane Austen's Mr Darcy).  Unfortunately, I can only report that it is, for me, the worst one.  What a disappointment.  Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the wedding, the honeymoon (lots of longing looks, kissing and bed-breaking - what's not to like?) but the talking wolf pack scene was the most cringeworthy and ridiculous thing I have seen for quite some time and essentially ruined the whole movie for me, because it was SO bad that that is the enduring memory for me.  Such a shame because all the books are amazing (and as Stephenie Meyer was listed as an Executive Producer, she must have had a hand in it) and I really, really wanted to enjoy it.  Kellan Lutz's comedy hair was also a sight to behold and, although I know they needed to make it a 12A to keep the majority of the fans able to see it, the 'birth' scene was nothing like the book.  Maybe my imagination is too good to translate to a movie, but if they are going to go so tame with this, what will the final film be like?  My daughter thought the scene was gory (she's 14) and I suppose I could have forgiven them this, if they had just spent the majority of the budget getting the wolves right (or even taking that whole scene out).  My daughter thought the film was cool (so obviously all the teenage fans will love it - though the fact that Taylor Lautner takes his shirt off quicker than you can say 'twilight' may have a hand in that) and she is a massive Robert Pattinson fan, but for me, and to a certain extent for her, Billy Burke's 'Charlie' was the best thing in it and he deserved to be more utilised.  It may be that it will improve on further viewings (initially I didn't like the Eclipse movie and I think that was because it was my favourite book and the elements that made it the best for me were taken out of the film, so I was very disappointed.  This coloured the whole film for me until I could view it as completely separate to the book), but for now, I would not recommend it, not that this will stop it from making lots and lots of money.

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  1. Oh dear, that's a shame. And I love werewolves as well. I'm now thinking I might just read the books and not bother watching the rest of the films.