Monday, 7 November 2011


I wrote this short piece as part of a five word challenge - the five words were: cribble, dog, sockdolager, flux and sauba (BTW I did not choose the words)

Sockdolager was running again.  It always seemed like that was what his life mostly consisted of.  He felt like a mangy cur with the Councils' dog-warden on his tail.  If only life were that simple.  A dog; now that took him back.  He remembered when this world had animals, greenery, living, breathing things that you could interact with.  Not this lifeless existence those that were left had to contend with.  He felt like his life was in flux.  Ever since he had made his escape from the Sauba he had been running, but he had been free.  This time, at least, he was running towards something and not away.  But he was still alone and somehow he knew that it would probably always be that way.

He could feel the tracking device moving beneath his skin and knew that the Cribble would be methodically working their way through all the possible hiding places.  There were only a few left now; rather like humans.

His breath was visible in the cold air and that comforted him.  He was alive and for that he was thankful.

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