Saturday, 4 July 2015

1000th blog post - Yorkshire Wartime Experience

I can't believe this is my 1000th blog post already, the time has flown, so I would like to thank all my followers for making this such a popular site.  I hope to continue to post useful blog posts on all things from writing, to media and beyond.

Today my family attended the YWE (Yorkshire Wartime Experience), a popular annual event that takes place just minutes from our home (Hunsworth Lane, Hunsworth, Near Bradford, BD4 6RN).  We are very lucky in that our good friend Stuart is one of the organisers and he (and his event team) should be praised for a fantastic show - we know how much work goes into this every year (and all voluntary) to bring this unmissable event to Yorkshire.

This year, they went bigger than ever and had a spitfire flypast:

The event starts on the Friday with a School Children Education Day with music, singing, dancing, living history displays, vehicle displays, tanks in action and troop and weapon demonstrations.

Saturday and Sunday the itinerary is as follows (except the Spitfire is only for the Saturday):

Marquee field - Blitz dancers, Katie Mustang, Don Gentile, DJ Poppa Blitz, DJ Wingtip Windy, stalls, food, fully licensed bar, BB & Paintball firing ranges and Falconry display

Allied field - WW2 military vehicles and tanks, allied WW2 living history displays and model R/C tanks

Axis field - WW2 military vehicles and tanks, Axis/German living history displays, post-war vehicles and tanks

World War 1 Field - Living history displays, war horses, demonstrations and WW1 battle

Main arena:

10 Small battle skirmishes
11 Post War armour and soft skin vehicle parade
12 Axis/German armour and soft skin vehicle parade
1  World War One battle
2  Spitfire air display
2.30 WW2 Allied and Axis armour and soft skin vehicle parade including WW2 Bedford gathering
3.30 WW2 battle spectacular

Also there was a black and white American police car (the type you used to see on 80s tv) and K.I.T.T. the talking car from Knight Rider.

For the first time this year there is also a commemorative bullet USB and a DVD at £14.49 and £9 each (or £13 and £9 when ordered at the show or up to 3 days after), call 07597 87 1114 or email yorkshirewartimeexperience@live .com to purchase.

The dates for YWE2016 are 8, 9 and 10 July

It was a brilliant day, if you can, go tomorrow and see it for yourself.


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