Sunday, 30 July 2017

Writer's Digest Inkitt competition deadline 31 July

The deadline is fast approaching for the Writer's Digest Inkitt competition, so if you have a novel, why not submit:

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Did you know that there is an easy way to promote your novels for free and maybe win a publishing deal at the same time?

How, you ask? Let's start from the top.

Can you imagine a world without Hogwarts? If J.K. Rowling's manuscript had been left in the publisher's hands, we might have never gotten to experience the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Harry Potter was rejected 12 times before J.K. Rowling landed a publishing deal. Here was the biggest bestseller of our time being passed over and over again. If it hadn't been for the eight-year-old daughter of an editor finding the manuscript on her father's desk and falling in love with it, Harry Potter might not have made it out of the slush pile.

The editor accepted her, but told her to keep her day job - Now she's a billionaire. This proves that publishing movements are made by readers, not by editors.


Inspired by the obstacles literary legends had to overcome, a new publishing company called Inkitt was created. Their mission is to make sure that the next J.K. Rowling doesn't get turned down, by making the publishing industry more fair and objective. 

How do they do it?

At Inkitt, every book goes through an initial readership analysis in order to collect reading data to find out how hooked people were while reading, and uncover who the book's ideal audience is. This way, Inkitt is able to identify novels that do have bestseller potential, and gain crucial information about its readership, even before publication, allowing the publishing team to elaborate a very targeted marketing strategy. 

"Why leave it up to a subjective person, when you can collect real data to make real book deal decisions?"

So you see, Inkitt puts the power in the readers' hands and knows through real customer data whether a book is good and whether the market will like it.

Once a novel is identified as a bestseller, the author is presented with a contract that includes the following terms: Inkitt spends a minimum of $6000 on your launch campaign (for each of your novels if they are part of a series), commissions professional editing and cover design, a dedicated marketing team with a proven record of achieving enough sales on launch day to make your book #1 in its genre categories and rank within the top 50 on Amazon (out of all 4-5 million titles), and you get 51% royalties on print sales and 25% royalties on eBook sales.

Want your book to be seen by hundreds of thousands of readers? All you need to do is take a couple of minutes, click this link and upload your book.

Inkitt is currently running a contest and there is still time to enter! Submission deadline is July 31st. There are no entry fees.

The only requirement: your novel must be 20k words or more. If your novel is part of a series your chances of getting published are even greater because you can build a loyal audience and brand faster, thus maximising your chances of earning a full-time income from your royalties.

If you've written a book that didn't quite get the spotlight it deserves, submit it to Inkitt and they'll get it to their readers. 

If readers love it, they'll offer you real publishing deal and their professional marketing team will get to work making you both money. 

P.S.: In case you're worried, you can even tell them to limit the number of free copies they allow their readers to read.  

by: F+W, 10151 Carver Road, Suite 200 Blue Ash,
OH, 45242 USA


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