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Here is the latest Industrial Scripts newsletter with details of on-line courses, interviews and more:

The Insider Interviews LIVE.

The next few months are shaping up quite nicely, as you can see from the credits and calibre of people below...

·         MON 24 JULY

·         white-hot screenwriter Matt Orton discusses working with Ridley Scott, selling specs to MGM and his rapid rise through the screenwriting ranks.

·         Mon 21 Aug - guest TBC

·         Mon 18 Sept - producer Rhodri Thomas  (The Night Manager)

·         Mon 23 Oct - producer Faye Ward           (The Crown)

·         Mon 20 Nov - producer Andy Paterson    (The Railway Man)

·         Mon 11 Dec - IS Xmas Party + guest TBC

Why not save these dates in your calendar?

* The 2-for-1 discount is only available for our 24 July (Matt Orton) and 21 August (guest tbc) events.
About Matt Orton

Matt graduated from Magdalen College, Oxford in 2010 with a 1st in History.

He won the BBC Writersroom Young Writers' Competition in 2012 with his TV spec, PRIMED, and his debut feature screenplay CLEAN was optioned by Michael Kuhn's Qwerty Films in 2014 and featured on the Brit List later that year.

In 2015, Matt participated in the Guiding Lights feature scheme, mentored by Matt Charman, and was named a 'Star of Tomorrow' by Screen International.

He also sold another spec screenplay to MGM, which subsequently featured on the 2015 Black List – a historical thriller based on the capture of Adolf Eichmann. The film recently attached Oscar Isaac and will enter production imminently.
As you can see from the Deadline article above, in April Matt's name was in the news again as Ridley Scott hired him to write his Battle of Britain epic.
So, Karen, would you like to join us at the BFI on Monday 24th July to hear about Matt's experiences breaking in to both the UK, and Hollywood?

(don't forget to bring a friend for FREE!)
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Where? What time? How much?


BFI Southbank
South Block
Belvedere Road
London, SE1 8XT

What time?

6.30pm sharp. Networking drinks afterwards until late. 

How much?

£14.00, and FREE to Silver and Gold OVERDRIVE members.

Places are strictly limited and early booking is advised to avoid disappointment.

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These are uncertain times. Directors are fired from blockbusters, months into filming. Surefire hits on paper are failing to connect with audiences. Companies like Apple, Facebook and Snapchat are getting into programming, while Netflix is actually cancelling shows!

But one thing is constant: the need for great stories.

This is where you (and we!) come in...

Welcome to the INDUSTRIAL SCRIPTS newsletter.

Quick-Links >>>

·         Discussion: Which Species of Screenwriter are you?
·         Genius Character Reveal: Cosmo Lawlor (SING STREET)
·         Character-Driven: the latest content from our official blog

·         Spec-Spotter: news from around the world of script development, below

·         The IILs: who is our industry guest at next month's event?

·         Script X-Ray Ready: 20 industry-leading Script Development Services
·         Curated from Facebook: the best articles we found this month, see below
·         Online Courses: our full portfolio of online courses for writers

·         OVERDRIVE: our supportive community for writers & filmmakers
·         Flashback to: our interview with head of development Bradley Quirk
OPINION: The Perks and Pitfalls of Low Stakes Screenplays
Can screenplays with low stakes still be successful? It's difficult but not impossible, as Jim Jarmusch's poetic PATERSON demonstrates.

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The Insider Interviews: Gallery
More into pics of producers, execs and agents than Kim Kardashian's derriere?! Maybe not, but either way check out our Insider Interviews LIVE guest gallery over on our Facebook page.

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Genius Character Reveal: Cosmo Lawlor 
Utterly charming coming of age film SING STREET from John Carney (ONCE) finds a quietly perfect musical moment with which to introduce its young lead, Cosmo Lawlor.

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The Insider Interviews: Ollie Madden
Ollie Madden talks exclusively about his extensive career, taking him from development to acquisitions to executive producer, working for the likes of Miramax and Warner Bros. and now Kudos (SPOOKS, UTOPIA).

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Which Species of Screenwriter are You?
A screenwriter will often naturally posses 2-3 of the so-called "big 5" screenwriting skills. But if they can acquire all five, screenwriting nirvana awaits! 

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15 Edgar Wright Quotes for Screenwriters and Filmmakers
Edgar Wright quotes aren't hard to find: the celebrated writer-director is as open about his process and influences as any Hollywood director.

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Industry-leading Script Development
With 20 script development services (+ OVERDRIVE), Industrial Scripts offers the largest range of reports for producers, writers and directors anywhere in the world. And with a 94+% client satisfaction rating across 800+ Google-verified reviews, you know your project will be analysed with the utmost professionalism.

Some of our most popular services include:

·         Film Forensic Notes: fully 14 pages of incredibly in-depth analysis.
·         TV Drama Script Analysis: 4+ pages of notes on 1-hr TV scripts.
·         Film Coverage Report: delivers 4+ pages of notes on film scripts.
·         Script Doctoring: you set the exact brief, we re-write with your input.

·         "Which Logline?": you send loglines, we advise you ones to prioritise. 

Spec-Spotter: Industry Intel & News
A round-up of relevant industry news for screenwriters and filmmakers...
·         Phoebe Waller-Bridge (FLEABAG) sets up spy thriller series with BBC America (ScreenDaily
·         Matt Rager adapting Neurotribes for Paramount, Lorne Michaels (Variety
·         Derek Kolstad sells action-thriller pitch to Cristal Pictures (Variety)  
·         Martin Freeman and Fremantle media developing epic poem Paradise Lost for drama series (ScreenDaily) 
·         Mike Van Waes writing CONJURING spin-off for New Line Cinema (THR
·         Thomas Lennon & Robert Ben Garant writing CANNONBALL RUN relaunch for Warner Bros. (Deadline
·         Matthew Orton sells Downing Street thriller spec to Black Bear Pictures (Deadline
·         Byron Willinger and Phillip De Blasi sell time travel love story spec to Storyscape Entertainment (Deadline

·         Mitchell LaFortune sells spec based on own Afghanistan experience to Thunder Road Pictures (Deadline
·         David Weil adapting Paolo Bacigalupi sci-fi short story for Netflix (Deadline

Curated from Facebook

We often post carefully-selected articles from other media outlets on our Facebook page. Check out the following...

·         Are Fabulous Female Directors Limited By Tired Dude Genres? (Deadline)
·         Paramount's Jim Gianopulos on Starting Over, His Fox Exit and Reviving a Struggling Studio (THR)

·         The perfect prequel: how BETTER CALL SAUL left BREAKING BAD in its dust (The Guardian)

·         Indie Film Pioneer Hal Hartley on Why the Dream of the '90s is Dead—And That's OK (NoFilmSchool)

·         Jon Hamm: 'Therapy is like going to the dentist' (The Guardian)

·         Edgar Wright's 40 Favourite Movies Ever Made (Right Now) (IndieWire)
·         Watch: Lessons from TRUE DETECTIVE on How to Write a Character-Driven Plot (NoFilmSchool)

·         Martin Scorsese pens an impassioned defence of cinema (The Times Literary Supplement)
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Client Reviews o' the Month

"I was really impressed with the precision of my script report. It both enhanced certain qualities of the script which I hadn't noticed before, but it also shed a light on character traits and decisions that simply weren't relevant to the story. It was really helpful to have such an in-depth analysis of a simple first draft."

- Sylvia, verified client review by unique PayPal Code, June 2017

A great service! I think this report is going to be invaluable in getting my script to the next level. The script consultant seemed to really understand the themes of my script and threw up some great questions and suggestions regarding pacing and plot. Thank you! 

- Miranda, verified client review by unique PayPal Code, June 2017 

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Our Online Courses Portfolio
Whether you're a new screenwriter looking to give your writing the best start, an advanced scribe looking to write the next great American TV script, or an author looking to craft the hit novel, we have an online course tailored to your needs. Check out our full course portfolio HERE or at the individual links below.

UK Courses & Events 
At Industrial Scripts we run high-quality evening and 1-day training events which deliver serious value to participants. Our courses are tailored to suit the requirements of the industry, and are led by professionals with proven track records of success. Our current events include:

·         Effective Script Reading for Film & TV (1-day seminar)
·         The Insider Interviews LIVE (evening events)
Both events run regularly in London, and we plan to extensively expand our delivery of premium UK training in 2017 and beyond.

Who is next month's industry guest at The IIL?
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OVERDRIVE, our dedicated community for screenwriters and filmmakers, now has over 90 members and accepts applications year-round. Membership is strictly capped and vetted, and is for our most promising and committed clients only. Unique benefits include:

·         25% off all script development services.
·         Dedicated mentoring and support from bona fide literary agents.

·         Guaranteed 14-day turnaround on all script reports.
·         Access to the vetted members forum.
·         Free entry to The Insider Interviews LIVE, worth £140.
·         Free online courses, exclusive discounts, networking and more!

Promising writers, producers and directors can join at either Gold, Silver or Bronze level. Apply or learn more about the community below...

"A script is a film's recipe. It's just a piece of paper to the novice cook, but even a recipe needs time to be perfected before it's given to the masses." 

– Solange Nicole
  Classic Quotes  

"All writing is discipline, but screenwriting is a drill sergeant."

 Robert McKee

"Not a wasted word. This has been a main point to my literary thinking all my life."

 Hunter S. Thompson
Script of the Month

The script known as SCORN by Derek Kolstad would soon be re-titled as JOHN WICK and become the assassin actioner that launched Keanu Reeves firmly back onto the A-list. Like the film, the script is slick and highly enjoyable, a master class in efficient action and drama. 

The Random Tip 

Every month we list an unorthodox tip relating to writing and creativity in general.

Having difficulty picturing (or hearing) your characters? Casting your favourite actors - dead or alive - in your head can be a fun way of solidifying them. 
That Awesome Scene 

We're avid YouTubers here at IS, and in honour of the sheer learning and discovery available on this beautiful creation, we look back at an amazing film or TV scene.

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