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Writers Relief newsletter

Here is the latest Writers Relief newsletter for my followers to peruse:

May 2017
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Your Self-Publishing Questions Answered
If you’ve exhausted all the traditional markets for your work or want a publishing option that gives you total control, it may be time to consider self-publishing.
We understand writers and their publishing goals and offer realistic, affordable options.
Click HERE to schedule a free consultation.
And check out our book covers. See one that’s perfect for YOUR book?
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Review Board
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But get your writing ready for our next call for submissions from potential new clients!
Quote Of The Week
All progress takes place outside the comfort zone.
—Michael John Bobak
Now Beth’s A Publishing Expert And A Published Writer
Without Writer’s Relief, I would not have 13 stories published and out in the world—including a Pushcart Prize nomination and a Best of the Web nomination—not to mention all the stuff I learned about the business of being an author. I even gave a talk about it at the local library, such an expert am I (of course, with your help!).
Beth N., Writer
The BEST list of writing markets anywhere on the Web.
Take a look at our great books and professional book trailers!
We can create a professional book trailer for you!
Call (866) 405-3003 for details.
Field Guide To Literary Agents
Poetry & Prose in Literary Journals
The Happy Writer
Giving a presentation at a writing conference is a great way to meet people, make fans, and get your name out there.
Here’s how to come up with an idea that conference organizers won’t be able to turn down!
Our tech-savvy website designers know all the ins and outs of getting great results for book writers.
Today we’re sharing the BEST strategies for self-published authors to use online.
Get our tips right here!
Turn your author bio into a book-selling, fan-building machine with these essential strategies.
Check it out!
Everyone loves a good plot twist! (Bet you saw that coming, didn’t you?)
Here are our favorite literary surprises and shocking turns of events.
Ready for the big reveals?
April showers brought...more Facebook Likes!
(And tickled our funny bones too!)
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More Articles: Fast-Track Your Writing Career
Publishing Opportunities For You
Looking for contests, calls for submissions, and more publishing opportunities? They’re looking for you!
And you’ll find the best in our Writers Classifieds.
Stories Through The Ages – Baby Boomers Plus
Stops Reading: 8/15/2017
Entry Fee: $25
First Prize: $500
Winning Entry Published: Yes
Word Count: 4,000 MAX
Theme: Open to people born 1964 and earlier. Authors may write about any topic.
Idaho Prize for Poetry
Stops Reading: 5/15/2017
Entry Fee: $25 (+$3 for online submission)
First Prize: $1,000
Winning Entry Published? Yes
Page Count Limit: 48 minimum
Poetry Book Type: Full Manuscript
Pittsburgh Poetry Review
Stops Reading: 5/31/2017
Type: Poetry (5 MAX)
Admin Fee? Yes
The Drowning Gull
Stops Reading: 6/01/2017
Theme: Anything with a seaside setting, sea adventures or water elements is eligible.
Type: Poetry (3 MAX) and Prose (1,250 words MAX)
Admin Fee? No
Sneak Peek At Next Week
How to Create And Offer A Free Sample of Your Self-Published Book
Best Quotes From Teachers In Literature
Use This Professional Networking For Publishing Success
What You Must Know For Writing (And Pitching) A Novel In Stories
And more!
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