Tuesday, 9 May 2017

McKee Genre Days, Berlin and Beijing

McKee Seminars coming up in Berlin and Beijing:

McKee Tour Stops Here: GENRE Days Berlin & Beijing!


Our US and UK Seminars are a wrap,
but for our friends in the EU and Asia, you are in luck.

First Up - BERLIN
From May 11th to the 14th, the GENRE SEMINAR will be held for the very first time in Berlin for CRIME, COMEDY, LOVE STORY, and the essential long-form TV SERIES DAY.
Final Stop - BEIJING
From May 25th to the 28th, McKee returns to Beijing for four GENRE days: ACTION, COMEDY, LOVE STORY DAY and a special MASTERPIECE DAY (Meshes of the Afternoon and China Town, and Analysis of Current Chinese Films).

Don't miss this unique opportunity to learn from the story authority.

Think you know what to expect?
Watch this recent interview with London Real's Brian Rose: http://londonreal.link/robert

McKee Seminars = The Evolution of a Writer

Berlin May 11 - 14
(External Registration Site)
Beijing May 25 - 28
(Contact zhoujing@guomai.cc to register)

McKee Seminars | Two Arts, Inc. PO Box 681 Sherman, Connecticut 06784 United States (928) 204-2323

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