Tuesday, 27 September 2016

The Dynamite Room by Jason Hewitt book review

I met Jason Hewitt at the Cleckheaton Literature Festival and could not wait to read his debut novel, The Dynamite Room.  Realising recently that I had not reviewed the book on my blog having finished his second novel (blog review to follow), I wanted to rectify this as soon as possible because I do not want my followers to miss out on this excellent book. 

The story grabbed me from the first page with two compelling main characters, Lydia an eleven-year-old girl returning back home in 1940s Suffolk to find her village abandoned and her family gone and Heiden, a German soldier who has commandeered her empty house.  Taken hostage in her own home, Lydia and Heiden must work together to get through the extraordinary situation, for both need each other to survive.

Written in poetic style, this memorable book deals with emotional issues and the psychological dynamic between the two seemingly disparate main characters.  It is both eerie and touching at times, the story set out on a wonderful backdrop of historical and alternative descriptions of the war, creating an atmosphere of claustrophobia and distrust, pulling the reader along through the minutiae of each day Lydia and Heiden spend together.  What is their connection and who will win in this tense stand off?

With vivid descriptions reminiscent of scenes from a play or a film, a cat and mouse game of prejudgements and snatches of light in a dark and dangerous situation, this stunning book will leave you with questions long after you have read the final page. 


For more information on Jason, see his website: http://jason-hewitt.com/

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