Thursday, 12 March 2015

Huddersfield Literature Festival today 12/03/2015 - Jamie DeWolf

The Huddersfield Literature Festival's headline act, Jamie DeWolf, takes place today at 6.30pm, details below:

An explosive and entertaining premiere

Jamie DeWolf

TOMORROW... The Author As God

a premiere lecture by Jamie DeWolf


Thursday 12 March, 6.30pm
Lecture Theatre 1, West Building Lecture Theatres, University of Huddersfield
£5 (£2.50 conc)
What is the fine line between poetry and scripture? A novel and the bible? What is the razor’s edge between brainwashing and art?
Take an explosive and irreverent tour that delves deep through the manifestos of cult leaders, occult writings, confessions and unreleased memoirs to dissect words as a methodology of control. A premiere lecture by the great-grandson of L Ron Hubbard, the sci-fi author and founder of Scientology, that deconstructs the author as a self-made God and the reader as their unsuspecting victim.



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