Monday, 9 February 2015

Huddersfield Art Gallery Contemporary Art Exhibition

Went to the Huddersfield Art Gallery on Saturday with my family to see their new contemporary art exhibition (featuring the above painting of Girl on a Bed by Matthew Krishanu part of the Priseman-Seabrook Collection, highlighting work produced by artists practising in Britain in the 21st Century, as recommended by my friend Nina, who knows the girl featured in the painting. This is the first showing of the collection, so don't miss your chance to see it.

Running until the 14th of March the exhibition features work by:

Alison Pilkington, Iain Andrews, Paul Galyer, Jemma Watts, Monica Metsers, Annabel Dover, Andrew Munoz, James Quin, Lisa Denyer, Amanda Ansell, Fiona Eastwood, Bren Head, Simon Burton, Emma Cameron, Simon Carter, Barbara Howey, Gideon Pain, Matthew Krishanu, Anne-Marie Kolthammer, Kelly Jayne, Wendy Elia, Silvie Jacobi, Linda Ingham, Natalie Dowse, David Sullivan, Susannah Douglas, Greg Rook, Judy Tucker, Katherine Russell, Jules Clarke, Nicholas Middleton, Nathan Eastwood, Alex Hanna, Stephen Newton, Pen Dalton, Susan Gunn, David Ainley, Claudia Boese, Terry Greene, Julian Brown, Sue Kennington, Ben Cove, Andrew Crane, Bryan Lavelle, Mary Webb, Ruth Philo, Freya Purdue, Julie Umerle, Kirsty O’Leary Lesson, Marguerite Horner, Harvey Taylor, Sam Douglas, Robert Priseman, Sean Williams

The Gallery also has many classic paintings, including Lowry, Bacon and Moore, and entrance is free.

Huddersfield Art Gallery
Princess Alexandra Walk,

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