Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Cleckheaton Writers Group (CWG) meeting 2 February 2015

The CWG met last night at Cleckheaton Library and P, M, J & I were in attendance, K, P, S and L having passed on their apologies.

Work In Progress Update: M informed the members that since the last meeting she had submitted a travel writing piece to her IWC (Itinerant Writers Club), I had edited the beginning of my crime novel TPB and entered it into the NWAs, and P had been working on the story that she and J work-shopped at the last meeting for a Writing Magazine first line competition (deadline 14 February).  She has been tinkering with it since the last meeting and has decided to send it off. 

P showed the members the March edition of the Writing Magazine (she is a subscriber so receives advance copies) which has a free supplement book The Writers Bank: a guide to rights and licensing, that may be of use.

Feedback Sessions: As K was not in attendance, M then shared her piece MSLD with the group (P kindly read it out to those who had not had chance to read it) for feedback.  M informed the group that she had taken out the last line of the short story from the feedback she had already received from the members via email, but J felt that this would depend on where the story was sent.  It was agreed by all that the visual similes (e.g. floozy garden) were fantastic and that the yearning of the character comes through, in a Reggie Perrin-esque way.

M revealed that two of her short stories had been shortlisted for a slim volume flash fiction anthology which was exciting news, we look forward to seeing them in print.

Workshops/Author Events: K told the other members about the upcoming Leeds Trinity Writers Day, the Leeds Indie Writers Day, the Huddersfield Literature Festival and the Leeds Meet the Agent event.

It was agreed that the feedback sessions at the next meeting would be for J (flash fiction), P (flash fiction) and K (beginning of crime novel) and they agreed to forward these to the members via email prior to the 16th.

K informed the members that the Friends of Cleckheaton Library was this coming Monday at 7pm at the 14th Scout building and it was agreed that those members that could, should come along to the meeting for support. 

P and J informed K that they were unable to attend the CLF planning meeting on Thursday. 

As only M had sent K three short stories for consideration for the planned CWG anthology, it was decided that all CWG members should send their pieces for consideration to the other members of the CWG as soon as possible.  It was agreed that the anthology would be best made up of short stories, flash fiction and poetry rather than sections of longer work, so every member should send 2/3 pieces for consideration at a future meeting where the best ones (as decided by the whole of CWG) can be chosen.  A suggestion for a title of the anthology was put forward by John: Mixed Nuts, for consideration.

The next meeting of the CWG will take place in a fortnight on Monday 16 February 2015 at 6-8pm in Cleckheaton Library.

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