Monday, 1 September 2014

Cleckheaton Writers Group (CWG) meeting 1 September 2014

Another information-packed meeting of the CWG this evening where N, L, P, A and myself were in attendance, S, J and D having passed on their apologies.

P told members that the Writing Forum magazine had 5 duplicated pages that the magazine had run in a previous issue, so she wanted to warn everyone not to buy the issue as there is no planned refund available.

Since the last meeting we have been working on our works in progress (WIP).  A has written a lot on his WIP 'PE' story and feels he has got to the stage where the story writes itself.  L has edited another two chapters of her WIP and I have written a prologue to 'T', my children's fantasy story.

L shared the first two chapters of her WIP 'K&TFG' for feedback.  All of the members felt that a lot of work had been done on the manuscript and that it is much improved.  I enjoyed the changes that had been made (in particular the story within the story element) but felt that the shorter version of the two examples of chapter two worked better.  Both P and myself shared our typed feedback with L too.  We all look forward to reading some more of the edited/reworked chapters.

I informed the members that Nicola Griffith is coming to Halifax Central Library on Thursday 2 October at 7pm and the event is free.  N told us that there are several upcoming author events taking place in Leeds Waterstones:

Amy Keen - Saturday 6 September 11.30-1.00pm (fee event)
Dave Gorman - Thursday 11 September 6.30pm £4
Lee Child - Thursday 18 September 7pm £4
Garth Nix - Monday 29 September 6.30pm £4
Michael Grant - Wednesday 15 October 6.30pm £4

One of our members S has agreed to run a workshop at the next CWG meeting (15/9/14) entitled 'How characters drive the story' and the end of this meeting will be taken up with questions or specific project people are working on.  All CWG members need to watch the film 'As Good As It Gets' before the meeting as it will be used as an example.

I shared details of what Suzie Adrian: Suzie Townsend, an agent who is looking for MG, YA, New Adult and Adult, does/doesn't want with the CWG members having found a website where an agent offered a 'can you handle the truth' honest feedback on submissions.  I agreed to forward this information to members, along with the Nicola Griffith details.

We finished the meeting by setting a writing challenge where we were given two lists of twenty words which when combined will give a randomly generated title for a short story.  These stories will be shared at future CWG meetings.

The next meeting will be held on Monday 15 September 6-8pm at Cleckheaton Library.

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