Saturday, 5 July 2014

Tour de France 1st Stage 2014

Had a fantastic time at the Tour de France 1st stage with my family and friends/family, where we saw the caravan and peloton so close from our vantage point at the roadside in Otley.

We camped overnight at the Pool Road Campsite, based on the Midgeley Farm Estate on the A659 Pool Road and bagged a fantastic spot just after a bend in the road passing the campsite.

The evening before we had been treated to children's entertainment by 'Harlequin' and a 'Design a Sheep' competition and then there was live music from 'The Velveteens and the excellent 'The Directors.'

We were woken that morning by a "Morning Campers" over the tannoy, followed by an eclectic mix of music, beginning with 'It's a Wonderful World.' 

The caravan came past very quickly at about 10 o'clock, where some lucky people managed to get some free souvenirs of the day and then we saw the Red Arrows in the distance and six helicopters chasing the peloton and we got a fantastic view of the riders as the raced past.  The atmosphere was electric and even the cavalcade of police on motorbikes were waving, flashing their lights, honking their horns and treating us to their sirens.

Once the riders had passed and the team cars, we returned the campsite to enjoy the live music from 'Being Buble' and refreshments, helicopter trips over the Wharfe Valley were also available from the campsite.  As we were packing up, we were treated to more from the owners record collection and a little bit of karaoke.

Here are just a few of the pictures I took from this wonderful occasion.  Now we have the Yorkshire War Weekend to look forward to tomorrow.

P.S.  We also had to laugh when we watched the ITV4 footage as there were our tents in the field in all their glory :)

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