Monday, 24 October 2016

Word Clubs 28 October, 18 and 25 November 2016

My fellow writer Mark Connors has shared with me the following information about the upcoming Word Club nights:

Attention WORD CLUBBERS! On Friday 28th October we have three rising stars of the poetry scene co-headlining at WORD CLUB and they're all having their Leeds launches of their respective debuts pamphlet/collections just for you lot! Yes, we have Vicky Foster, Dan Whitaker and Matt Nicholson. For those who caught their sets at this year's Poetry at the Parsonage, you'll remember just how good they are and I for one can't wait! If you love poetry, gert thesens to this! Further info about these fine young things will be posted at the end of the week.

We'll also be selling tickets for our Fox, Dunn, Cherriman & Weir WORD CLUB SPECIAL on Friday 25th November (from 7.30 pm) and tickets are going sharpish! Tickets are £8 at the next two WORD CLUBS (your last chance to buy one at this price) or you can buy one via paypal at to make sure you get a ticket. There is a £2 book fee via paypal though.

WORD CLUB’s inaugural new spoken word night, ANYTHING PROSE, kicks off at 7.30 pm on Friday 18th November at The Chemic Tavern, Leeds. A poetry free zone, ANYTHING PROSE will feature three headline writers each month or every other month (depending on the success of the pilot) and there will be an open mic where other writers will have four minute slots to showcase their own prose work.


Our co-headliners for our inaugural bash are all published by a local publisher, Armley Press, who also publish me, Mark Connors, your host for the evening.


M. W. Leeming, known as Wayne, is an an ex-criminal defence lawyer. He has been writing since early teens, and has self-published several works of fiction and non-fiction, ranging from short-stories, novellas, and a book examining the problems faced by renters. Justice is Served, published by Armley Press in 2016, was inspired by his experience working in criminal defence, and by experiences he himself suffered, although he denies any allegation that he stalks the night time streets with a leather gimp mask. He is currently working on a sequel to Justice is Served, and a book concerning an unpleasant bailiff - in which the themes of mental health and forgiveness are explored.


K. D. Thomas, aka Kathy, lives in Worcester where she wastes her time with the imaginary characters she writes about and whom she tends to prefer to real people. In real life Kathy was a cardiac specialist nurse but had to give that up because it turns out working knees help. For now, until she is recognised as being a literary genius, she writes, makes jewellery and up-cycles furniture for craft fairs. Every cloud eh?! So far she has written ten novels and three screenplays and been published twice including Fogbow and Glory with Armley Press in April of this year and just had a short story accepted for a cancer research anthology. She has just started the research for her 11th novel. She would love for you to buy her book and leave stellar feedback. Pretty please?

From Birkenhead, but currently residing in the East Midlands, Nathan O'Hagan is the author of 'The World Is (Not) A Cold Dead Place' and the short fiction collection 'Purge'.  'The World Is  (Not) A Cold Dead Place' was described as 'funny, violent, shitty, moving' by James Brown (Loaded, GQ, Sabotage Times) and as a 'great debut' by Russ Litten (author of 'Swear Down' and 'Kingdom'). Nathan was described as 'author very talented writer by Kevin Sampson (author of 'Awaydays' and 'The Killing Pool'). His second novel is due out in February 2017. 


The first rule of WORD CLUB is: Everyone talks about WORD CLUB.



The Chemic Tavern, 9 Johnson Street, Leeds. LS6 2NG

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