Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Cleckheaton Writer's Group minutes 3 October 2016

Cleckheaton Writer's Group (CWG) met last night in Cleckheaton Library at the new time of 5.30pm-7pm where Mandy, Andy, Sarah and myself were in attendance, Arline and Kathy having passed on their apologies.

The minutes were passed from the last meeting and I informed the group that Kathy had entered her short story into the Baby Shoes competition and she was pleased to pass on the news that it had been accepted for the anthology.

A date of Saturday 15 October 11am-1pm at Cleckheaton Library has been chosen for the extra-CWG meeting, please can members let me know as soon as possible if they can attend or if they would prefer moving it to the 22nd.  Thank you.

WIP progress updates were then given: I have been taking part in the Page A Day challenge for October and editing my current WIP, Sarah has written 6k words of her WIP3 and working on the 'place' writing challenge, Mandy has been editing and has written 250 words of the 'place' challenge, plus she announced that her story has been placed second in the Dragonfly Tea competition and Andy has been working on story notes, planning for a new piece and writing new poems, some of which he had brought to share.

Sarah shared the first chapter of a new WIP for the first feedback session slot, wanting to know if the members would wish to carry on reading, enough story there or giving too much away?  The group all agreed that the story was very intriguing and that they would wish to car on and know more.  It was felt that there was a lot of information given, but that it was not too much and done well.  Sarah has three ideas and was wanting to decide which one she should be working on.  She shared the three ideas and after much discussion, and even though the group liked all three for differing reasons, Sarah was deep-down drawn to the second idea despite some difficulties with it.

Andy then shared three poems entitled The Falcon, The Company of Me and The Line, the content of which led to a discussion on the current political climate.  Following on from this I recommended the Word Club nights that run in Haworth and that a local publisher, Armley Press who appeared at Cleckheaton Literature Festival, might be worth looking into for his work.

The upcoming local writing Festivals include Wakefield, Ilkley, Morley, York and Beverley Literature Festivals and I informed members that Jodi Picoult is appearing at Beverley Literature Festival and in Leeds on the 23rd of November (tickets can be found on Jodi's author page).  Mandy had been to see Dr John Cooper Clarke and Toria Garbutt at Morley Literature Festival.

No particular new competitions had been discovered since the last meeting, but this led to a discussion on submissions, including the United Agents one which many writers were still waiting to hear back from.  Sarah recommended following/contacting Eli of U.A. on Twitter @EliKrieh and she also promised to pass on the links mentioned at the last meeting to members of the CWG.

The next meeting of the CWG will take place on Monday 17th October at 5.30-7pm at Cleckheaton Library where both feedback slots are available.

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