Monday, 3 October 2016

Read Kirklees newsletter - SciFest Yorkshire 24 - 30 October 2016

The latest Read Kirklees newsletter has details of SciFest Yorkshire, featuring a creative writing workshop by CLFs Alison Lock and a short story competition:

SciFest Yorkshire // Family Learning Festival // The Big Draw // Half Term


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SciFest comes to Yorkshire - 24th-30th October 2016

A science fiction festival for all ages, with family films, author talks, writing workshops, and seminars with sci-fi researchers, there is something for everyone. Jump on board for a week that will be out of this world…
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Free family art workshops with Fabric Lenny

Fabric Lenny leads these fun and engaging family arts workshops. Draw and then use iPads to digitally manipulate your images. Work together to create a HUGE digital drawing to be projected at Huddersfield Art Gallery.
Recommended for kids age 5-15 and carer
For more info and to book see listings

Learn to code with BBC Micro:bit

This little device has an awful lot of features, like lights that can flash messages and two programmable buttons. It can detect motion, and even interact with other devices and the Internet – clever! Learn how to use the BBC micro:bit and get creative with coding. Bring your micro:bit along, or have a go with ours.
For more info and to book see listings

Award-winning storytelling at Lindley Library

Storyteller Tim Ralphs joins the dots between ancient constellations and modern space exploration, between the fears that gripped Victorian scientists and our wildest visions of the future. If you’ve ever gazed at the stars and been filled with wonder then this is the evening of storytelling for you.
For more info see SciFest Yorkshire 2016

Let’s make a fantasy world! Creative writing with Alison Lock

Alison’s latest book, Maysun and the Wingfish, is set in a fantasy world. In this workshop young writers will learn how to construct their own fictional world, looking at elements such as planets and climate, history and language, magic and rules, people and customs. Age 11 - 18 years. More info here

SciFest 2016’s short story writing competition

Science Fiction may be known for lengthy novels and long-running series, but short stories have always been central to the genre. SciFest Yorkshire 2016 invites you to write your own very short story: a postcard from another world. More info here

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