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This course offers comprehensive tools and insights for writing the short film. The fundamentals of writing the short film will be examined through online lectures, written assignments and creative exercises, created to both inspire and educate. Specific strategies on developing and writing a successful short film script will include tools on making every second of your short film count!
7/7 - 8/4
In this six-week course, you will have the opportunity to learn exactly what can set a good script that gets set in the waste basket apart from an outstanding one that gets a contract. By the end of this course, you will develop and perfect the first act of your spec script so it is ready to go right into a producer’s hands!
7/7 - 8/18
It usually goes like this: the pilot is all that network execs are really interested in at first. That's because the pilot demonstrates basic writing and gives them a sense of where things will go (the season's "map" is built into any good pilot). This workshop will help you get your TV series ready for an executive by developing your series premise, honing your pilot, and writing your series bible! 
7/14 - 8/11
Jump start your comedy screenplay! A spec comedy screenplay is a great calling card for any screenwriter, and in this course we’ll teach you up to create a successful one. Writers will learn the tools professional comedy writers use to create funny screenplays, and how to use those tools to get started on your own script.
7/14 - 8/11
This workshop will cover the analytical tools necessary to create a historical narrative screenplay structure that is both accurate and compelling. Tips for finding a dramatic hook to an old story will be highlighted with real life examples. This workshop will demystify the process of writing within the limitations of a specific time period to the screenwriter’s advantage.
7/21 - 7/28
In this workshop, you will learn the tools professional screenwriters use to finish high-quality scripts under deadlines. By the end of this workshop, you will have completed and received professional feedback on a completed script for your drama pilot.
7/28 - 9/8
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