Saturday, 12 December 2015

Moth Publishing announces Northern Crime winners

Moth publishing have just announced the winners of the Northern Crime winners:

12 December 2015
Moth Publishing announces Northern Crime winners
Northern Crime winners & free books
We are thrilled to announce the winners of our Northern Crime Competition! 20 writers from the North of England have had their prize-winning short stories published in Northern Crime One, which is out now and available FREE on Kindle until Sunday 13 December.

From rural noir to urban horror, Northern Crime One promises to bring a chill to your winter nights. The wide-ranging collection showcases some of the best emerging talent in UK crime, proving that short stories are the perfect form to introduce fresh blood to the crime-writing scene.

The winning writers are: Karon Alderman, Pat Black, Lynne M Blackwell, Ben Borland, Michael Connon, Adrian P Fayter, Bradley Langham, Danny Marshall, Kathleen Mckay, Tom Moody, Emma Oxley, Pam Plumb, Basil Ransome-Davies, Alex Reece Abbott, Martin Robbins, Nick Triplow, Betty Weiner, Belinda Weir, MJ Wesolowski, and Sue Wilsea.

Kathleen Mckay has also won the novel competition, for her work-in-progress, Hard Wired. Her contemporary crime novel will be published by Moth Publishing in summer 2016.
The Northern Crime Competition, run by the crime imprint Moth Publishing, was founded to recognise and to publish talented new crime writers from the North of England.

It proved highly successful in 2013, its inaugural year, discovering four then-debut novelists, including Helen Cadbury (To Catch a Rabbit, Bones in the Nest) and Rebecca Muddiman (Stolen, Gone), both of whose books became bestsellers. Today’s winners, therefore, are ones to watch.
Moth Publishing is the crime imprint of Mayfly Books, a partnership between New Writing North and Business Education Publishers Ltd, a trade publisher.

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