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Lighthouse and Gatehouse Press newsletter

The latest Lighthouse and Gatehouse Press newsletter is out, please find details below:


Here is the latest from Lighthouse and Gatehouse Press:


Lighthouse #10 is now available to buy through our website and stockists (London Review of Books, Foyles, The Book Hive to name a few).

Lighthouse 10, now at 96 pages, comes packed with essays by writers on their homelands, including George Szirtes in conversation with András Gerevich on Hungary after 1989, poet and translator Cecilia Rossi on developing as a writer in Argentina, and Amit Chaudhury in conversation with Amitavar Kumar about saving sites of historical interest in India, plus fiction from Ruby Cowling and Thomas McMullan, and much more.

RIVERINE by Eleanor Rees
Gatehouse press are pleased to announce the publication of Riverine by Eleanor Rees.
In this evocative new pamphlet, poet Eleanor Rees taps into the flow that runs through everyday acts of being alive. 
“The Mersey’s high tide ebbs a mile from my house, trains stream behind the garden wall, beech leaves shift, geese fly, my neighbours lock the front door as they leave our flats. The 80A bus passes over the bridge though I can only hear it. Dew settles. Carbon clogs up the sky. These transitions define reality. There is no stillness and there is no lack: each local movement has an impact on the other. And poetry is another of these transitions, dynamic — a charge, a movement of energy from one state to another via rhetoric and rhythm — then travelling back out again to the interior of the reader or dispersed amongst an audience as sound and visualisation. In a world which is perpetually changing — in which there are no fixed states — the poet’s work is to morph the forms we think with.”
From the liminal spaces of suburbia to the wild, sacred landscapes of the west, Rees’ fluid lyric style draws us into a motion between the real and the imagined; where temporal lives come adrift in a timeless current. Sometimes drawing on her native Liverpool and sometimes roaming beyond into surreal, formless spaces, both Rees’ subtle voice and her acute observations are effortlessly displayed in these poems. 
Intended as a companion volume to her recent collection, ‘Blood Child’, this pamphlet is an opportunity to engage with one the UK’s most distinctive voices.
“a paean to the locales and environs of the North West of England; to the city of Liverpool and its peoples’ past and present. These are magical, dynamic poems.” – Andy Brown

New Fictions launch at Cafe Writer's Norwich - Jan 2016

Gatehouse Press New Fictions winners, Preti Taneja and Nicola Daly are launching their books at Cafe Writers on Monday 11th Jan, 2016. 

Cafe Writers say:

"The Café Writers hold events at Take 5, 17 Tombland, Norwich in the upstairs function room.
Meetings start at 7.30 and admission is £2.00. All are welcome. We host readings from writers from across the globe, presenting a wide range of writers performing a variety of styles – poetry, drama, prose – in an atmosphere that both welcomes new work and invites professional polish. There are opportunities to read from the floor."

More detail can be found here:
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