We've now brought you an entire football team's worth of amazing guest poets to Cafe Lux. Number 11, our tricky left winger, is 'Word Club' host Mark Connors.

Mark Connors is an award-winning writer from Horsforth. His poetry has appeared in various anthologies including Out of Ilkley (Ilkley Literature Festival, 2010), Still Life With Wine and Cheese (Stairwell Books, 2014), How Am I Doing For Time (2014) and The Garden (OWF Press), alongside poets such as Simon Armitage, Andrew Motion, Antony Dunn and Kate Fox. Mark has had over sixty poems published in magazines, including Envoi, Dream Catcher, Prole, Sarasvati, Dawntreader, The Alarmist and The Word. In 2014, he won the prestigious Ilkley Literature Open Mic competition.


As usual we'll have 10 open mic slots, strictly limited to 3 minutes each, and you can reserve these by either writing on the event wall or emailing hello@afirmofpoets.com

Our host for the evening is The Firm's goth superstar herself; Geneviève Walsh: Scary, Sweary, Verse-Writing Fairy.

£3 on the door. Show starts at 7:30pm.