Monday, 4 March 2013

Cleckheaton Writers Group 4/3/13

Excellent meeting tonight where we welcomed a new member, Daniella (D).  D, N and P were present too and we discussed the workings of the group and the writing/genres that we are working on at the moment.  We also informed N & D of the Writing Workshop that is taking place at Leeds Trinity next week that D, P and I have secured places on.

We discussed the Huddersfield Literature Festival and the authors appearing there, e.g. Joanne Harris and Jodi Picoult. 

D informed us that there is to be a Brighouse Literature Festival featuring R. L. Royle.

D was interested in blogging, so we explained that a writer can blog about anything, as often or little as they wish and that it is fairly easy once you get started.  We agreed that we would send her links to all our blogs.

D shared a powerful short story with the Group that had an ending that left us with questions - the best type of story.  It was hard-hitting but with a touch of wry humour that more than one member could relate to.  We gave our feedback and suggested a short story competition that would be suitable for submission of this piece.  We discussed short stories and the type of fiction we enjoyed.  This lead us on to discuss poetry.

I shared a section of a piece I am working on at the moment and the first page of a new novel that I am in the process of planning.  The Group felt that the section would work well with the rest of my serial killer fiction and that the first page was evocative and worth pursuing.

We were very pleased to hear that D is looking forward to attending future meetings.


  1. Hi Karen

    It Neil - there are too many D's - ha
    good night although missed bus and walked home

  2. There are too many Ds, may have to make them D1, D2 and D3 or is that two much like Thing1, Thing2? Sorry to hear you missed your bus, on the bright side, the exercise will have done you good, though maybe not the chill ;)

  3. It was a good meeting, but yes we might have to distinguish between the Ds!! :) Maybe use initials - i.e. DA for me?
    Sorry to hear you missed your bus Neil :(
    Re. this coming weekend - Karen (and the rest of CWG) I am here after all so please let me know if you fancy seeing Joanne Harris on Saturday (if you're around as well of course!)