Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Cinnamon Press call for submissions

Cinnamon Press Call For Submissions
Deadline: Sun 31 Mar 2013
They have nine slots to fill for books that will be published in 2015 and are looking for poetry collections, short story collections or full-length fiction.  I have outlined the full details below:
They have nine slots to fill for books that will be published in 2015 and are looking for books that fit their list and which are poetry collections, short story collections or full-length fiction (novels or novellas).
They expect a great deal of competition for very few slots so please read the guidelines carefully and follow them.
Unfortunately, they won’t have time to chase up submissions that don’t match the guidelines or to enter into correspondence about submissions.


Please take time to think about whether your work suits their list. If you’ve never read a Cinnamon Press book it’s unlikely you’ll be able to make  this judgement. Your manuscript does not need to be completely finished, but it should be a good draft and you should be confident that it will be ready for editing between January to December 2014. If you’ve read some of their books and think your manuscript is a good match then please send the following documents, each one as an attachment in .doc or .docx format (you may send a pdf if the manuscript needs particular formatting  that may not travel in a Word document):
A covering letter – this should be fairly brief, but please include your contact details and say why you think Cinnamon is the right press for
Your work, a bit about your writing background, what stage your manuscript has currently reached and how you see yourself promoting the
Book you’ve written or are working on.
A synopsis for fiction or a short description of your work, its particular themes or styles for poetry.
Your manuscript as a single .doc, .docx or pdf document.
Email the three attachments to info@cinnamonpress.com (please do not use any other Cinnamon Press address for the submission) and put ‘Submissions Call’ in the subject line.
If you are sending fiction please use a clear font (Garamond is house style for fiction, but Times New Roman or any clear font), double spacing and good margins.
If you are sending poetry please format as you would like the work to appear. (Cinnamon use Palatino Linotype 10 point for final manuscripts)  Cinnamon will contact the authors they’d like to publish by June 30th.
If you haven’t heard by this date this means you have not been successful on this occasion.
They do not have the resources to give individual feedback or to enter into correspondence about the decisions.

Please note:

If you send several separate attachments containing single stories or poems they won’t be read – please make sure your manuscript is a single  document  with your summary and covering letter as two other attachments – three in all.
They are not accepting work by post for this submission call. Hard copy will be recycled.
They are only accepting work from February 1st to March 31st

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