Monday, 11 March 2013

Being Human finale perfect end to Mother's Day

Hope all my followers had a lovely Mother's Day yesterday.  I had a lovely meal out with my family at Las Iguanas in Leeds and finished my day off with the last ever episode of the fabulous Being Human.  Now for those who may not have seen it on BBC3, I recommend you buy a box set of the series forthwith.  It is an excellent British supernatural drama written by the fantastic Toby Whithouse, the basic premise is that a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost live together and try and pass off as human with gory, tragic and sometimes humorous consequences.  Five series later and sadly we reached the end.  I am not really sure why the BBC would cancel the show when it is a fine example of brilliant British writing, but mine is not to question why, just to be grateful that it ended on a high (unlike many shows who once they find out they are being cancelled, fizzle out and disappoint their loyal followers).  And what a high it was.

If you haven't seen it and are going to follow my advice and buy, beg or borrow a copy, please do not read on:

At the risk of sounding like Dr Who (another great show), SPOILER ALERT:

I have watched it from the very beginning when the ghost was Annie (the fabulous Lenora Crichlow), the werewolf, George (equally fabulous Russell Tovey) and Mitchell (Aiden Turner, currently showing everyone what we Being Human fans already knew - that he is an amazing actor, in The Hobbit as Killi the dwarf) the vampire.

Now we have Tom (Michael Socha) as the werewolf, Alex (Kate Bracken) as the ghost and Hal (Damien Molony) as the vampire and they are facing the worst of foes, Captain Hatch (Philip Davis), the Devil himself.  All three are fine actors and did not detract from the show, only added to it, so those people who tweeted or facebooked that they missed Mitchell, or Annie, or George, maybe you only have yourselves to blame that the show has ended.  But in my mourning, I digress....

In the climax, Captain Hatch gives each one an alternate reality where Tom can have the life he wants without the wolf, Alex can be alive and with her family once more and Hal can be human again, no more need for good Hal to fight evil Hal - each one lifted of their curses.  But naturally, they do not accept and they are back with Hatch just in time to see Rook arrive to save the day.  Back at the house, Tom is about to kill bad Hal when Rook arrives to explain.  Realising that he can see Alex, Hal discovers that Rook has been taken over by Hatch and the trio fight to release the Devil from him once more.  Performing the ritual and killing Rook once Hatch has invaded his body once more, the trio find that they are all still alive and better still, all of them have had their curses lifted and they are now what they have always wanted to be, human...or are they?

When the last shot wanders over the mantelpiece we see all the artefacts that nod to the various characters we have encountered (e.g. Mitchell's fingerless gloves, Eve's bib etc.) but amongst these is the paper wolf that Hatch gave to Tom in his alternate reality.  When Hal told Hatch that he had gone wrong by giving them separate realities, had he unwittingly given the Devil his perfect plan to defeat the trinity?  Are they all in a world 'hatched' by the Devil which gives him free rein to committ armageddon in ours?  In the perfect ending, Toby Whithouse gives us the power to decide.      10/10

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