Sunday, 3 June 2012

Woman in Black

The kids were out overnight at a birthday sleepover, so we decided to hire some DVDs from Blockbuster last night.  After watching The Voice we decided to start with The Woman in Black.  Daniel Radcliffe was excellent throughout (at no point did I get shades of HP) and I think it can safely be said that the film was carried on his character alone.  It was a fine example of an old-school thriller and I was unsurprised to see that, as it was a Hammer film, it reminded me of my childhood watching Hammer House of Horror at my Grandparents house on a Saturday night.  All the usual stuff was there - the scary music, the shadowy scenery and the build up of knowing something was going to pop-up but not being sure when, so that when it does you JUMP.  I was suitably scared of the ominous presence of the woman in black, but the various murdered children were the ones that really had me hiding behind the pillow.  I had guessed the ending, but I loved that it left you wondering whether the woman in black had done it to carry on being vengeful or to give Mr Tipps back his family, like he had given her hers.  Ten out of ten.......roll on The Rum Diary and The Vow (we've also hired MI: Ghost Protocol, but as you have seen from my previous blog, I have already seen it).

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  1. Oooh The WIB sounds good - I'll have to watch it as I do like that kind of film :)