Sunday, 24 June 2012

Help the Heroes War Reenactment weekend

We attended the War Weekend today despite the inclement weather.  Unfortunately due to the aforementioned weather, over half of the vehicles were not in attendance, but those that were, really had a true-to-life reenactment.  There was so much rain and mud that the trenches they had dug, so that attendees could 'go over the top' like in the Somme, were probably as realistic as it was possible to get them.  My lad was very pleased to attend, as he just got back from his school trip to Dordogne in time to have a look before the event closed.  I really hope that this event runs again and that this time the weather is on our side.

Yesterday evening we went to our good friends Jeff and Lisa's for a meal and once again, Lisa made a fantastic trio of dishes.  We started with spicy turkish lamb parcels, followed by lemon chicken and the most amazing papaya, mango and passion fruit pavlova, delicious.  I have been so lucky with my evening meals this weekend, that my home-made chicken makhani curry wasn't quite in the same league :)

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