Thursday, 28 June 2012

Dark Winter by David Mark

Just finished this excellent book having bought a signed copy at the Author Event in York arranged as part of the Theakstons Crime on Tour, where I met David Mark (along with Stephen Dunne and Peter Robinson - their books are to follow).

It was so refreshing to read about a detective who did not have huge problems in his personal life (be it drink or divorce) but still had a complex personality and back story.  I was pleased that he is more believable because he loves his wife and wants to catch the bad guy (whilst aiming to stay the good guy).  The premise was excellent - a serial killer in Hull who is picking off sole survivors of tragedies - and did not disappoint, especially when we got to really get inside the killers motivation.  I loved the writing style and the fact that it was set in Hull (and around Grimsby, Yorkshire etc.) - having been there, it's not hard to imagine this - which is all the more enjoyable for a Yorkshire lass.  I had guessed who the killer was, but I think this says more about me (and my addiction to serial killers in books, tv, film - but not real life, you will be relieved to hear, unless you count my own serial killer novel in progress that is - I think I just know when and how to look for the peripheral character) than a fault in the plotting.  I really love the character of Aector McAvoy and look forward to reading David's next novel.  David is on twitter should you wish to check him out @davidmarkwriter

Moving on to Stephen's novel next, will keep you posted.

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