Sunday, 10 June 2012

Wonderful weekend of sport

What a fabulous weekend of sport we have to enjoy.  First, on Friday, we had the first two matches of the Euro 2012 tournament, yesterday we had the Womens Final of Roland Garros and the surprising matches of Denmark v Netherlands and Germany v Portugal.  Today we have two more Euro matches and the Mens Final of Roland Garros, which I am watching at the moment.  Tomorrow brings England's first match and once the Euro 2012 winners have been established, we have the excitement of Wimbledon and The Olympics.  If only we could get some improvement in the weather, this would be a fine Summer of Sport indeed.  Fingers crossed for weather like we had a couple of weekends ago and maybe, if we all send this wish out into the cosmos, it could come true.  To help in this, I thought I would post some more pictures from our weekend of Summer:

Oh no, what have I done, now it's raining for the tennis Final ;)

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